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Our dedicated counselling services

We provide dedicated counselling services for people in need of alcohol-related help. Our approach helps you realign mind, body, and spirit. We consider mindfulness and meditation alongside talking therapy to fully consider how our thoughts and feelings affect our addictions, and how our body can help us to heal our minds. Get your confidential alcohol-related advice today.

Our team of dedicated professionals

Our team of dedicated volunteers specialise in a range of different specific health issues that may have lead you to an alcohol-related problem. We will always take things at your own pace, and look to approach your recovery with traditional counselling techniques. Message us today for a confidential chat and to discover more about how we can work together towards a happier, healthier, more centred you.

Best Alcohol Addiction Advice in Carlisle

We all have times in our lives when we need someone to talk to. Whether something has happened recently or you've been worried about something for a while, our professional, kind volunteers can help. Here at Alcohol Awareness UK, we use counselling techniques to help you find long term support and peace of mind. We are constantly available so you can be in the best mental state for us to help you re-centre, focus, and take the time to work through things.

Reduction Plans

We can offer free reduction plans from the comfort of your own home. Reducing alcohol intake a bit at a time makes it more successful in your efforts to become sober. Message us for a free confidential chat with us today.


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Martyn Johnson reviewed Alcohol Awareness UK - 5 star.

Martyn Johnson

I would have I come off the drink for good this time and it’s hekped me.

Helen Michelle Tranter-wright

Such a caring and supportive team. Really take the time to listen to your issues, offer brilliant advice and ask how things are doing at a later date. I really appreciate the team! Thank you!!

Ana McKenna


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