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At Andi Turner's Early Years we delight in providing a caring, safe & stimulating superhero training facility, where super little boys and super little girls can come to discover and develop their very own, very unique superhuman strengths, skills and magical powers. By giving every apprentice hero the time, space and resources to follow their ever-changing interests, express their ideas & creativity and use their wild & wacky imaginations, we create a fun, nurturing & welcoming learning environment for all children of all abilities and powers to become whoever the heck they want to be. We provide our budding champions with all the skills they need for future happiness and fulfilment through our 100% child-centred, hands-on learning experiences and resources. Sound a lot like the perfect little spot for your perfect little tot? Then get straight onto our superhero HQ hotline to find out more!


Our little superheroes blast their way through the Early Years Foundation Stage in their own unique way, following their own special learning journey. Our superhuman goals are to learn how to take care of ourselves; our family & friends; our pets; our homes; our communities; our wildlife; and our planet. And we recognise that no two protectors of the universe have the same set of super powers - and that not all superheroes wear capes. School had better be ready for these super-charged, competent little guardians of the galaxy.


There's no such thing as bad weather - only inappropriate jumpsuits and masks. Our little defenders of the universe have all-day access to all-weather outdoor play areas, where they can zoom about, zap baddies and save helpless kittens from mortal danger. Or maybe more down to earth missions like making music, singing & dancing, building dens, making fairy gardens, dressing up, making mud pies, painting & drawing, sowing seeds & watering flowers, building sandcastles, walking the dog, burying treasure, sewing on a machine, cooking lunch or moulding dough. Basically, whatever makes them happy and whatever interests them at that particular moment in the space time continuum. We enjoy frequent adventures in the countryside, by the seaside or in the family woods, where we take in the fresh air, hunt for bears and crocodiles, collect as many natural playthings as we can carry in a jute tote and do a general little tidy up. But sometimes all our little heroes of Hartlepool want is a bit of R&R: do a bit of yoga, meditate, or have a lovely little massage. They can be as busy or as chilled as they want to be. Think Carlton Outdoor Centre but with a spa.


At Andi Turner's Early Years, children have all the time and space they need to follow their own lines of inquiry, and they have independent access to any resources they need to carry out their own investigations and experiments. Alone or with a friend. In the garden or at the kitchen table. It's all good. They want to know about weights and measures and when to use a hoist or a wheelbarrow. Or at what point cheese melts and sticks to the griddle. Or find out what size basket they need to fit enough logs in to construct a cabin. Or how many lengths of guttering is needed to channel water from the water table, across the path, over the wall and into flexi tubs. Or what they can use to fill all the buckets with sand that little bit quicker or how to pair up matching socks. Those IKEA wardrobes, freezer drawers and 'non-stick' pans aren't going to build and fill and clean themselves when they've all grown up and left home now are they?


At Andi Turner's Early Years, we're all about children playing, learning and growing in a loving, warm and nurturing home-from-home environment where children feel safe. Our triple outstanding, award-winning childminding setting offers stimulating learning opportunities that are specifically designed to encourage each and every child’s growth at their own individual pace. Through cooperative play and creative experiences, our little superheroes reach their personal, social, emotional and physical milestones naturally and with ease.


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