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At Ayshazen Cats, we take great pride in breeding and showing the very best Burmese and Australian Mist cats that we can. Some kittens are occasionally for sale to vetted forever homes. We have almost 20 years of experience producing top quality show cats, and loving pets for family homes, and by sharing a wealth of knowledge to their carers. We can boldly claim to be the best breeder in the area. It is essential to us that all of our pets leave for their new homes happy, healthy and ready to be loved. Please get in touch with us on 07865563882 for more information.

Why choose us

Being a TICA registered breeder and a holder of a current TICA Outstanding Cattery certificate, with a rating of Excellent, and having bred and shown for almost 20 years, we are here for you. We listen to you with a keen ear and offer you advice on the precise pet you should take on if you’re not sure or have doubts. We will also advise you on pet upkeep. Because we breed and take care of the pets until they have found an owner, we are experts when it comes to raising healthy, happy kittens. We are always there for you after they go to their new homes too, to offer support and advice.

Health & Diversity Comes First!

My hobby/passion is showing and breeding, and we strive to keep our bloodlines as diverse as possible, to avoid the pitfalls of inbreeding. Our kittens do not come "cheap cheap", because we raise them responsibly, which costs a lot of money. This is an expensive hobby, and no profit is made from the adoption of our kittens. Every penny goes back into the cats.

Australian Mists

Australian Mists are a rare breed outside of their native country. All of our Mists' breedings originate from there. Genetically, Mists are half Burmese, quarter Abyssinian and a quarter Australian Domestic Shorthair. They are perfect family cats, with their loyal and loving nature. Ideal for pet-trained children and dogs. Our Mists have excelled on the show bench. See below a photo of our star boy, Regional Winner, Quadruple Grand Champion Ayshazen Arfur Crown.


In a climate of severe inbreeding problems, our Burmese are descended from outcross lines, to ensure high genetic diversity, and low inbreeding. We have only outcrossed to cats of Thai origin, like Thai Burmese, Tonkinese and Khao Manees. We have also imported Burmese from the USA for the same reason, to bring new blood into the seriously inbred UK Burmese. Here is Ayshazen Bonny Bumblebee, who is a chocolate Burmese and 4th generation from an outcross to a US Tonkinese. Bonny has been DNA tested, which has shown her to be less inbred than most Burmese. We take genetic diversity very seriously in our bid to ensure the future health of the breed.


Our kittens are raised underfoot in the home. TICA registered with papers and pedigree, fully vaccinated including leukaemia, microchipped, flea and worm treated, neutered and insured for 4 weeks with Petplan.


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Chrissy not only loves her cats but is also widening the gene pool to ensure the Burmese breed. I wouldn't hesitate to have one of her ''babies''.

Althea Phillips

Chrissy is a wonderful breeder who really knows the breed. All of her cats are very much loved and cared for and no corners are cut when it comes to their wellbeing. They are very much her family, ...

Amy Dibden

Fantastic breeder with a wealth of knowledge! All her cats are incredibly well cared for and very loved!. Excellent to see a breeder fighting to outcross the Burmese breed with Thai blood and save ...

Sophie Gellender


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