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No matter the size of your gym, anyone can be intimidated by the equipment and weights lying around, never mind that someone may be lifting more than you weigh. At Blaze|Blitz Fitness Uk, we will help you reach your goal while transforming the gym from a place of intimidation to a place of accomplishment. If you live in the general area of Essex, Kent, or London and are interested in experiencing fulfilment or want to maximise your gym experience, please contact us on +44 7375256633.

PT Services

I recognise that training needs are individual – that’s why I offer dedicated one-on-one training sessions to help you achieve your goals. This being said, there are also group sessions available to accomodate each individual. Our training sessions can take place in your home, office or in an outdoor space such as a park – whatever works best for you and your schedule. To accompany our regular exercise sessions, I’ll also design you a specialised nutrition plan, to maximise your training results.


From the big machines to dumbells, knowing how to utilise them for the maximum result can be confusing for fitness enthusiasts, no matter their level. We are also aware that not everyone has access to the same equipment, and therefore aim to make your online PT experience something you can tailor to your surroundings. Whether you are in a fully-equipped gym or in your living room, we strive to give you the same experience.


We understand the journey is not always pleasant, but when the going gets tough, we keep going. Once the journey begins, we are here with you every step of the way. We give continuous motivation to fuel your fire and extinguish those excuses. There is support for every client all the way to the finish line and beyond.


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(2 Reviews )

Aiste Mizgeryte

17 July 2019

17 July


Brilliant trainer. Would recommend to anybody, always felt comfortable sharing my needs and what I aim to achieve and what I dislike. As somebody who struggles with motivation when working out, Blaze| Blitz pushed me to the limit in an enjoyable way and gained me fast results. The things I learnt from nutrition to working out helps me to maintain my fitness even now after I’ve finished the program.

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Lucian Junior

16 July 2019

16 July


Great service, well tailored to meet my demands. Very detailed advice and feedback. Was very invested and dedicated to help me meet my personal goals.

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