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Credence K9 Training & Behaviour Centre!

Credence K9 know that our communication skills with the owners are every bit as important as with the dogs . We regularly update and expand on our qualifications to provide our clients with the best service possible . We have been training dogs for many years now and cover various fields. Mainly working / dog sports and behavioural issues . p>

working / dog sports

We train dogs for various fields of work and dog sports and work to help those starting out on competition. Additionally, in the past We have helped those struggling to train their potential gun dogs in certain tasks such as scent work, so the dog can sniff out and retrieve the birds.

Best Dog Coaching & Care

Your dog is a vital member of your family - so why not bring them to a family-run business? Here at Credence K9 Training & Behaviour Centre, We have been training dogs across the UK for many years. Dogs are trained at credence using force-free methods and positive reinforcement techniques. Give me a call today to discuss your dog care needs.

Reactive dogs

We work to rectify reactive dog behaviour using kind methodical techniques. Dogs are in the hands of a trainer whom has been rectifying this behaviour for over 25 years

Behavioural issues

Rectifying behavioural issues is one of our main areas of focus . We deal with many issues such as : resource guarding , conflict in multi dog households, bark prevention , separation anxiety, handler aggression, leash pulling , destructive behaviour, fear aggression and more


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