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Bespoke wood designs and ideas are at the core of our ethos. We want quality, of that we are sure, but we also want a palpable sense of dynamism to run through our work. That’s how our professional staff separate themselves from the rest. A fusion of desire, passion and many years of experience means we can handle the most ambitious of tasks with ease. We’re not afraid to raise the bar even higher, each and every time.

Custom Jobs

Wood sculptors exist in a profession that’s as old as time itself. However here at Exmoor Driftwood Arts we pride ourselves on developing modern driftwood sculpting techniques as well as commercialising our products for contemporary markets. Primarily, we specialise in creating multi level driftwood sculptures. We also offer a photography service covering a broad range of subjects.

Best Sculptor in Minehead

Our bespoke driftwood designs can't be found anywhere else in the world. Don't worry, at Exmoor Driftwood Arts we don’t just offer any sculptures; we boast the best of the best. Starting from the highest quality driftwood, we meticulously craft each piece from a unique design, beautifully created and a suitable addition to any home. You can find us in Minehead, so give us a call at 07895893228.


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