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Our salon is a haven of peace and serenity in the midst of the local area’s hustle and bustle. Our caring and skilled beauticians each have many years of experience, and are equipped with the skills to leave clients serene and rejuvenated. We offer a diverse variety of enhancing treatments, such as eyelash extensions, tanning and a signature purification facial, created to leave your skin cleansed, clear, and glowing. Why not come by and experience our therapies for yourself today?

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Our quality salon offers great services, and our customers can relish a easy and enjoyable experience. Have you been exercising non-stop and eating healthy for the past months but still can’t seem to lose even an ounce of that belly fat? Running miles don’t do anything for your thighs? We are all genetically predisposed to a certain body shape. Often times a particular area of body can be out of proportion to the rest of the body. In cases like these, there’s not much a healthy way of living can do, but what if we told you there was something that could shape your body the ways exercise and diet can’t?

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We draw on our large beauty expertise to choose the best products for Health Oasis salon. We work with reputable salon-quality brands and use luxurious, effective products which are guaranteed to leave you feeling great.. Cavitation technology operates with 40 KHz to 5 MHz waves. These low frequency sound waves go deep under the skin and cause stubborn fat cells collapse to the pressure without affecting surrounding tissue. It’s usually followed up with lymphatic tissue massage to “rearrange” the liquid fat and help the body dispose it in a natural way through the lymphatic system. The results of the cavitation procedure are visible right away and continue to become more evident over the course of the next week. Ultrasonic Cavitation being a non invasive and painless treatment requires no anaesthesia or downtime. Mild discomfort during the procedure and momentary redness is normal and can be avoided by drinking plenty of water.


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