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Our Aim

Aims • To develop communication skills to the maximum potential of each individual and improve their communication skills with Deaf people in the community. • To develop an awareness of the range of communication modes used by Deaf and hearing people • To develop awareness of Deafness and Deaf culture, including technology, contacts, background expectations and problems. •Objectives: • Understand and use a limited range of simple words and sentences in BSL; • Take part in simple, predictable conversations in BSL; • Give and follow simple directions or instructions in BSL; • Give and follow simple familiar statements or descriptions in BSL. Expected Achievements • Signature Level One BSL Award • Acquirement of basic language skills allowing communication with Deaf people • Covering the assessment criteria At Hearing Hand's Bsl our primary objective is to teach the beautiful language of Bsl to hearing people young and old to enable communication with members from the Deaf community and in doing so promoting inclusion and an understanding of Deafness and Deaf Culture. We have courses available for Adults and children aged 6 and above. Learn for fun or achieve the accredited certificate from Signature.

Why choose Bsl?

The Level 1 is suitable for people that- • wish to acquire basic language skills to facilitate simple communication with Deaf people • wish to acquire new language skills as part of a programme of study • wish to progress to more advanced study and/or employment using BSL in the future • are studying for personal development • are parents, family, friends or colleagues of Deaf people Bsl is a language in its own right used mainly by the Deaf community. It has also been proven to be beneficial for babies, toddlers, children with additional needs and those experiencing Hearing loss as well as a good communication tool in noisy situations. Bsl is a visual language using the face, body and hands to convey information and communicate. Bsl structured differently to English and many signs can vary depending on the area your in or the country that you come from. Our level 1 course follows Signature accredited course and will enable you to have a basic conversation with a Deaf person.

What will you learn?

Topics Learning Outcomes Unit 101 A. Meeting people - Address, greet and take leave of another BSL user. - Understand and produce fingerspelling (the manual alphabet) to denote names of people and places. - Use and recognise strategies for asking for clarification. - Use and recognise simple question forms. - Ask for and give relevant personal information about self and/or others B. Numbers - Use and recognize the local numbering systems for counting people, things, money and using dates/time. C. Weather - Describe and ask about the weather. D. Transport - Give and receive information about mode of travel. E. Directions - Describe and give directions in places/buildings. - Ask for directions using a range of vocabulary. Topics Learning Outcomes Unit 102 A. Describing people Give, ask for and understand information about people, animals, and objects animals and objects: • in relation to size, colour and shape; • in relation to location. B. Using numbers Give, ask for and understand information about age, time, money and calendar. C. Interests and activities Give, ask for and understand Information about interests and activities of self and others. D. Food and drink Give, ask for and understand information about food and drink. Topics Learning Outcomes Unit 103 A. Getting around Give, ask for and understand directions in a building. Describe places and buildings. Travelling/modes of transport. B. Sharing Give, ask for and understand information about everyday life. information Give, ask for and understand information about people. C. Weather Give, ask for and understand general comments about the weather. Describe different types of weather in context with everyday situations.

L1 course details - price/location

PROVIDER – Hearing Hands - Bsl COURSE TITLE: Level 1 in British Sign Language AWARDING BODY – Signature - Level 1 YEAR – REGISTERED CENTER – Palm Deaf /Hi-Kent DURATION – 36 weeks - Approximately 60 hours Unit BSL 101 – 20 hours / Unit BSL 102 – 20 Hours / Unit BSL 103 – 20 Hours LOCATION – 1 st Westgate Scout Hut – St Crispin’s Road – Westgate Kent COST - £246 – £41 paid termly (at the beginning of each term) *A deposit of £82 (non refundable) is required to secure your place - this is Term 1 and Term 6. Once the deposit is paid there are no fees to pay in term 6 . If more than 5 sessions in succession are missed without a reasonable explanation or agreement with your tutor, your place will be terminated. You may be liable to pay for the outstanding fees if you leave before the end of the course – see Booking form / learners agreement EXAMS (optional) – Additional fees as follows: 101 = £30 / 102 =£60 / 103 =£60 DAY / TIME – Monday or Friday – 7pm-8:45 TUTOR – Mrs Leigh Bellem CONTACT – Hearinghands.bsl@gmail.com or call - 07920021737 Hearinghands.bsl@gmail.com 079200217

About Me - Leigh Bellem

Qualifications : Bsl level 1- 2009 Signature Bsl L2 - 2010 Signature NVQ L3 in Bsl - 2012 Ncfe L3 award in education and training. EXPERIENCE - I worked at the John Townsend Trust formly know as the Royal school for Deaf Children in Margate (RSDCM) from 2009-2015 when it went I to administration and closed down. I started my bsl journey after working in a shop and being unable to communicate with my deaf customers. I started my training at the RSDCM and then got a job there. I worked as a lunchtime supervisor with children and young adults with various degrees of Hearing loss and additional disabilities. I continued my training achieving my NVQ L3 in 2012 I wanted to start to learn how to teach the language and began to train accordingly volunteering to take the odd class and pass my L3 award in education and training. A job opportunity came up and I was encouraged by my Deaf tutor to go for it and was delighted when I got offered the position. In my first year I managed to get 10 employees to pass their level 1. When the Deaf school closed down I was mortified I wanted to continue teaching and so a friend and I set up a Bsl for fun sessions for kids. This was greatly received with 10/10 children passing their 101 exam and 4/10 going on to complete the level 1 course with me at Hearing Hand's Bsl when I went self -employed in 2016. Since then I have expanded to offer courses for Adults and continue to teach children as young as 6. I am hearing and teach so that you begin to understand the language, its structure and grammar. Once you begin to lay the foundation blocks we build the vocabulary up week by week and reduce the use of our voices to communicate. I try to use different teaching strategies to help the different ways in which people learn. My class sizes are small (upto 8) enabling me to work with you on a 1-1 basis for longer. My dream is to see Bsl taught in schools and as a language option for a gcse. I set up my business not to get rich but to continue teaching Bsl and encouraging conversations between two communities that might not have previously interacted. I am passionate about what I do and I hope that in the near future you will learn to sign with me at Hearing Hand's Bsl.


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