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About Us

Creative Freelance Service in Telford.

Infuzion Media was set up by one artist with a goal: enjoy life and express the world's ideas creatively. Whether you are a business looking for Graphic Designers, a Director looking for Animators or a Camera person or you are just love all things creative, please contact me today!

So, Why Infuzion Media?

Infuzion Media provides practical advice and tailor-made solutions to unleash your creativity. With one of the very few Freelancers in the small area of Telford, already means that you have a local creative service either nearby or at your fingertips (if you live outside the area). I am enthusiastic, friendly and fully committed to ensuring you as a client and me as the designer etc. receive the best service to help your innovative needs .


  • Personal Tailored Service
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Free Consultation
  • 24_7_availability
  • Debit & Credit cards accepted
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