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About Us

We offer tailored German courses

We provide multiple intensive courses that strengthen basic and advanced language skills. Our courses are tailored to you and we feature a wide range of programmes that are taught by our experienced tutors. Our facilities are welcoming, warm and inclusive; they are the perfect place to learn. Yes, we know how challenging it can be to learn a language; sometimes you just need a break. That’s why we offer social events and activities for free. ( unless you get the member ship)

Creating the best learning environment

Creating the most effective learning environment is at the core of our ethos. Our professional tutors separate themselves from the rest with their unmatched desire, passion and dedication to the task at hand. Specially chosen for their expert knowledge, our staff adapt when faced with a problem that could hinder the progression of learning. Most importantly, no question is too silly for them, allowing you to feel comfortable and welcome while learning. Become fluent with us today.

Best Language School in Harrogate

Our trusted language school, Learn German, situated in the vibrant city of Harrogate, makes a fundamental, pragmatic promise: we will help you achieve your language learning goals. The difference with our school? We recognise if you are not achieving your objectives and will identify why, making sure to get you back on track as quickly and efficiently as is possible. We offer a range of courses and can provide accommodation for students that are ready and willing to learn with us.


Hi, my name is Joshua and i made this website. I hope you use it well and sensibly. If you don't get a email with in 3-4 business days ring me on 07762 490027 and leave me a message

New staff members

I am writing this to inform our new staff members called Ollie flintoft & Joe warrington. they works every week for £50 and feels happy about it. I hope you can join us like Ollie & Joe did. If you want to join us send me a email on

Happy Valentines day

Happy valentines day. Come look at our offers and prices


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  • Good for children
  • Cash only
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This website works a miracle i started it and well it taught me everything. Also it's so easy. :)


Its alright but you have to wait for a email.


i have just joined. come join like me

ollie flintoft


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Happy Valentines

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