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Best Phone Repair Shop in Bishop Auckland Town, County Durham

At Phone Hub, located in the heart of Bishop Auckland, we put customer service at the heart of our values. If your phone is broken or damaged in any way, our Phone Repair Shop technicians will give their helpful advice, a diagnosis and we'll carry out professional repairs to the highest standards of the industry. Wherever you are, and whatever the damage, from water exposure to cracked screens to busted charging ports, our Phone Repair Shop services can provide amazing resolutions for decent prices.

Your time matters too

We take our clients’ time very seriously, so if you need to fix your phone but can't hang about in our store waiting, no fear. Our repair service allows you to simply leave your phone - or other device - with one of our technicians, and we’ll get back to you once we’re done. Depending on the level of damage, we may need to keep it overnight, particularly if we need to trade parts.

We offer diagnostic services

A big part of our mission is to give a diagnosis of the problem at hand. Whether or not you appreciate the underlying technical issue, our experts do their best to analyze and pinpoint the problem, explaining in Layman’s terms exactly what it is we’ll need to do to carry out the necessary repairs. It might be something simple, like dropping your phone in water, or you might have damaged the charger port or the battery itself might need replacing. Whatever it is, our diagnosis services will help explain any issues or misunderstandings you may have.

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You can now chat live with our expert on whatsapp to share your photos. simply add 07774555393 in your contact and type Phone hub.


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Spot on. Good price and quality. Thanks for fixing my phone.

‎Paul Imerson‎


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