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Our expert communication training methods have produced well-behaved, obedient dogs who are our friends as much as our pets. Able to handle any situation, on a simple command our dogs can subdue a potential threat before it comes close to bothering you. You can rest assured our expert handlers will keep your k9 in check, meaning you'll never have to worry about a thing.

About us

We’ve been dog trainers for years. Whether you’re looking for personal protection or manned security, our k9 dogs are fit for all jobs. Our experienced and fully qualified trainers will handle all aspects of your well-being, so you can arrive from A to B without breaking a sweat. You won't notice us until you need us- in which case we will handle any interruptions swiftly and professionally.

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When you’re feeling insecure about your personal security, it’s important that you hire a crack security team to ensure your safe passage. At realk9, we also work closely with event organisers to plan security, whether you’re looking for a of doorman (or dog) when it comes to admissions or you’re looking to ensure the perimeters of your event are safe from theft or vandalism, our security services are perfect for you. Based in Guildford we offer the number one selection of personal security services in the area. Call today on 07850595120 to find out more.


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