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Life is so hectic, it can sometimes be hard to see the wood from the trees. At Rebecca Bond Somatic Wellbeing, my approach to personal wellness is designed as an antidote to the modern world – making my wellness centre a haven of tranquility. With a great range of services, attentive and knowledgeable staff, I'm here in Penarth just when you need me, with all the support you need to find some balance in your life when things get tough. Call me today on +447922003491 to find out more.

Yoga and yogasanas

Yoga comprises several body postures, which are called yogasanas in Sanskrit. Many people practice pranayama as part of their yogic exercise. In pranayama, people sit cross-legged on the ground and concentrate on their breathing. This form of yoga imparts people with day-long energy and calmness. Several yogasanas like halasana and shirshasana help people battle minor ailments like indigestion, mental stress, backache etc. While yoga cannot replace traditional treatment techniques, I find it can be an excellent complement to existing medications and treatments.


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