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Episode 4 The Haunted Sleepover @The Poltergeist Nursing Home

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Paranormal Investigations in Urban Locations

Welcome to Spirit Vision, We conduct investigations into a wide variety of paranormal activities and phenomena. Our team of experts is always ready to look into whatever inexplicable situation we come across, we utilise the latest equipment as well as our intuition and knowledge. To reach us, kindly visit our Facebook page, Instagram and you tube channel or contact us through our form below.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly capable, talented, hardworking individuals that are dedicated to the paranormal field we all bring different backgrounds and knowledge into the paranormal and urban exploring. We're three friends that are passionate about what we do Whether it's a haunted house, hospital or an abandoned farmhouse, we will not allow fear to stop us. Here is how we work: first we research our buildings, after our team will go into a property to do a full night's investigation there conducting different experiments and using some equipment. Once the analysis is done, we determine whether the incidences are paranormal or not. On most occasions some properties may need more than one night's investigation in which case we will spend more time as needed.

What We do

Between us we have been trying to attempt to address the impossible for years, and our prior successes speak to our ability. We have the latest tools and sound investigators to help understand the afterlife. If you have any questions to ask the team or to join the #svarmy contact us below

Paranormal Equipment

We not only carry out our own investigations, we bring you the latest equipment in the field of paranormal and urban exploring. All the equipment is designed & built by the Spirit vision boys. Connect with us on Facebook to see our shop. We accept PayPal and ship internationally.

Exciting News

While out filming a few nights ago we bumped into Andrew & Olivia from #provingdemons We also got an interview with them for there new video that's at the same location as our first episode. Check it out here

Latest News

Episode 4 The Haunted Sleep Over Packed with our sleeping bags and beds we headed out for what would be one of the scariest nights of our lives and the biggest challenge the team have faced yet. At the beginning of the night we met two Instagram urban photographers who stayed a little longer to spend some time with us. Seeing 1st hand doors shutting and wood banging both without explanation. Make sure you go check out both Lee & Marie on Instagram Rocky was brave enough to sleep across from one of the most active parts of the home. But before we could rest for the night we had equipment triggers right in front of us that we have no explanation for. Are you brave enough to spend the night? Join us to find out what happens while we slept. Episode 2 out now on YouTube. We've spent 16 hours in St. Joseph's. A stunning building and a maze of rooms made for an interesting and impressive heartbreaking visit. We weren't prepared to find a cell in this old seminary like all of our previous locations we hadn't had time to research the history. The sad story that we found out after our visit about abuse that had happened in the seminary was upsetting. We were all heartbroken during our time in the cell and nearly didn't include this in our episode but its been kept a secret for so long if we were making contact with a child on our equipment they deserve to be heard. The beauty of this building decaying into the countryside and apart from the sadness we did all enjoy our time there. Please check out the episode now




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