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TGC Recruitment provides a specialist sales recruitment services. My low cost, flat fee services attract the best sales jobs from all over West Yorkshire and I offer them to the best sales people. I take responsibilities like job reviewing, salary negotiations and filling of vacant employment positions off your mind. I also help successful candidates get their appointment letters and can also negotiate a befitting salary for them. Contact me in the local area or fill the form below for more inquiries.

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I help a wide range of clients and attract a broad scope of candidates. I carefully assess client needs and take the time to fully understand your business objectives and values. This gives me valuable insight to find the right candidate for the role. I am committed to finding and building optimum working relationships between sales firms and candidates, so contact me to find out more about how I can help.

Finding the best candidates for you

Over the years, I have streamlined the process of selecting the best candidates to fill job openings. I train and advise applicants on proper job interviewing etiquette, i.e. arriving on time, dressing appropriately and reading more about the company before the day of the interview, so that they have more confidence in answering questions. This also benefits my clients, as it sets the expectation on both sides to view each other seriously, leading to better decision making when hiring, or for the applicant, in choosing the right company to work for.


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