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Interior Decorating

Fancy a fresh new lick of paint in your living room? Or perhaps wanting new wallpaper throughout your home? A painting and decorating professional will take care of this. You simply give them your specification and they do the rest while ensuring perfect, mess-free application and workmanship.

Exterior Decorating


Back in Portugal, hand made tiles are an essential as they serve two key purposes for the home. Firstly, they are a fantastic statement piece in any room, adding charm and originality. Secondly, they are very functional thanks to their temperature control capacities. So, if you're after a homely mediterranean feel, a local team of tiling experts can get the job done in no time.

Plastering Service

Plastering involves walls and ceilings being filled and smoothed with plaster by a professional. An essential service to be carried out if you are planning on painting and/or decorating your home and want the surfaces in perfect condition.

Kitchen Refurbishment

We spend a lot of our lives in our kitchens so it's easy for the fixtures and fittings to become old and worn out. Without the high costs of a full replacement, kitchen refurbishment services can include everything from fitting new cupboards and worktops to replacing old appliances with top-of-the range gear.

Bathroom Refurbishment

Is your bathroom in need of a makeover? Then this bathroom renovation service will ensure that no leaks or mould appear to guarantee your bathroom looks clean and modern all year long.

General Renovation

If you feel that certain rooms in your home are looking old, worn or tired then it might be time to seek out some local home renovation services to freshen things up. Home improvement contractors and other building specialists can carry out entire renovation work throughout your property, or just on specific rooms, from design phase through to implementation.

About Us

For over Five years now Design Studio71 have been privileged to be involved in many unique and exciting projects providing interior design, decorating and consultancy services to both the leisure and hospitality industry and to luxury private residences. You don’t have to be well off to have interior design needs. In fact, there’s a huge element of well-being that comes with having spaces in your home that really work well for you, no matter what your lifestyle and budget. It’s not about buying expensive decor — it’s about making a difference to your day-to-day life. This is how Design Studio 71 was born — by the desire to offer the finest design & decorating service at an affordable flat fee per room, with the added convenience of working flexibly. We have the knowledge and experience to provide an extensive painting and decorating service but are small enough to offer a highly competitive rate compared to the larger decorating companies. We pride ourselves on a friendly, professional and efficient service, where customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Our high standards and excellent value for money mean peace of mind at all times. We are experts in interior and exterior painting and decorating and offer advice and guidance to all our clients in creating their ideal home. We can provide you with a for a free no-obligation quotation. Whether you want to find out what we can offer, want to discover more about our competitive prices, or simply need some advice please contact us for more details. We pride ourselves on a friendly, professional and efficient service, where customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Level 1 Award (601/2884/7) CSCS CARD

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