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What makes me stand out from other Personal Trainers (and I bet you’ve noticed how many of them are around) , is my excellent attention to detail and technique of exercises. I won’t only teach you how to exercise correctly and more effectively, but I will also explain you why it’s so important. And this knowledge will stay with you forever. And you’ll be able to see the results in a very short time. I’m flexible and I’ll tailor training plan to your individual needs. At the first meeting we’ll talk about your goals and make a good plan how to achieve them. I’ll ask you lots of questions to get to know you better and to choose the right exercises that will be completely safe for you, and above all – I’ll know how to guide you so the training will be most effective. I don’t work with a watch in my hand, counting down the time till the end of the training session, as working with people is my passion. I use variety of training methods to keep you motivated and our cooperation effective. I’ve taken part in amazing training, courses and events that have let me learn a lot about human body and it’s biomechanics and physiology. And I keep extending my knowledge all the time by attending range of different courses available.

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Session In Mobility Improving Joint Range Of Motion

Body Weight Excercise Routines

Build Muscle Mass & Burn Fat

Effective Method Of Progression

Power Efficiency For Youth!


Changing Diet

Diet & Energy Balance


Working with our skilled and experienced personal trainers, start training your body and mind and finally start reaching for those fitness goals you've always dreamed of. Whether you want to lose a couple of pounds, finally get that summer six pack or simply want to get faster and stronger, our personal trainers are on hand to assist you with your personal health and fitness needs. Why put off feeling good? Request a booking or contact us now - our team of qualified PTs are happy to talk you through the services available.

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