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Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

The thai yoga massage is an age-old practise based on ayurvedic principles and yoga. Originating in thai temples, it is a unique massage in that the practitioner guides you through a series of yoga positions while massaging energy points along the body. The results include rebalanced energy, improved circulation and a relief in muscular tension.

£ 29.00

Thai Oil Massage

This ancient style of thai massage which has been around for thousands of years combines expert acupressure techniques and specific yoga positions to relax and restore your body, leaving you totally revitalised. It involves the use of skin-loving oils and is extremely beneficial for your wellbeing.

£ 29.00

Half Body Massage

Calm your muscles and ease your mind with a professional half body massage. The masseuse will use luxurious body oils to glide over your tired limbs, leaving you feeling revitalised and refreshed by the end of the service.

£ 18.00

Head Massage

£ 15.00

Foot Massage

For those of us on our feet all day at work, nothing sounds better than a good foot massage. This treatment will gently take away all the tension and leave you feeling totally relaxed. It is also beneficial for encouraging increased blood flow to the feet and lower legs.

£ 19.00

Herbal Compress Massage

At 5,000 years old, a thai herbal compress massage was a favourite of the ancient Thai people. It is a herbal therapy aimed at healing pain and inflammation and begins with the application of a warm herbal compress containing thai herbs and spices. This is followed by a full body massage using sumptuous oils.

£ 35.00

Head and Shoulders Massage

A nice back, shoulder, neck and head massage is exactly what you need after a long day at work. A massage is particularly beneficial for those who spend most of their time at a computer.

£ 15.00



A spa manicure is for those luxury seekers wanting a manicure that goes the extra mile. This treatment not only gets those nails filed and shaped but also includes a hand massage and other moisturising treatments to leave your hands and nails nourished and strengthened.

£ 15.00


£ 19.00

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We offer a range of massage services ensuring that you leave our salon feeling relaxed and invigorated. Our highly skilled technicians and masseuses are on hand to help you find the exact service you're looking for and get you the treatment you deserve. Our tranquil parlour means to help you feel at ease and comfortable while we work on those knots and tight spots! Request a booking or contact us now - our team will be happy to talk through the variety of treatments that we offer.

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