PHONE REPAIRS - Phone Data Backup

PHONE REPAIRS - Battery Replacement

This service involves extracting the old battery from your phone and replacing it with a new one. Exactly what may be needed if your battery life seems very short lived or if you are experiencing other technical issues with your phone to which it may be related.

PHONE REPAIRS - LCD Screen Repairs

An appliance with a cracked or damaged LCD screen caould well still be functioning. Have a professional provide you a quote and timescale for the job to get your screen to be like new again.

PHONE REPAIRS - Phone Charging

Fight the dreaded 'low battery' notification with phone charging facilities and services to help your phone go the distance.

PHONE REPAIRS - Phone Deoxidisation

Forgot your phone was in your pocket when you went for a swim? Dont worry. Expert technicians can deoxidise your phone i.e treat it with a liquid solution that will protect it from future damage. You'll get back your phone in great working condition and ready to go again.

PHONE REPAIRS - Screen Repairs

Breaking or damaging your mobile phone screen can be costly.Nevermind, a team of highly experienced and trained technicians will get your phone back on track at the best possible price.

PHONE REPAIRS - Home Button Repair

For all the things you need to use your phone for these days, it's no surprise when the home button gives up. You can be assured trusty technicians know what they're doing to get your mobile device back in great working condition.

PHONE REPAIRS - Unlocking Mobile Phone

We will unlock your mobile phone from your existing service provider, enabling you to use your mobile phone as you please for an affordable price. You can be free from spending on expensive contracts and go for any operator you choose or pay as you go. Our service is professional, fast and efficient. We´ll have your phone unlocked in no time.


MOBILE SELLING SERVICE - Iphone Selling Service

MOBILE SELLING SERVICE - Samsung Phone Selling Service

MOBILE SELLING SERVICE - Nokia Phone Selling Service

MOBILE SELLING SERVICE - Windows Phone Selling Service

About Us

We know what it's like to drop your brand new phone and hear a terrible crunch, but the good news is, we can fix it for you! Our expert team offer a service using the latest diagnostic equipment to identify both software and hardware issues so rest assured, your phone is in safe hands. Call us to discuss or make a booking directly below to pop in and let us fix the problem.


Amina Khurram
Amina Khurram

Excellent service,, amicable environment Quick service,, reliable . Friendly staff and a good management indeed

Jamie Beard
Jamie Beard

These guys are brilliant. Fixed my screen and then also fixed my touch IC, however upon collecting the phone there seemed to be further issues, so I took it back, and they also replaced the screen again and added a new touch IC FREE OF CHARGE. definitely worth it.

Hissan Shah
Hissan Shah

Excellent shop....quick is awsome. ..i got quick repair....price is so reasonable....just fantastic...ill definitely shop again....will highly recommend

Young Kim
Young Kim

The shop is run by a bunch of friendly guys and the customer service here is top-notch. They were able to even provide me with a temporary phone while my phone was getting fixed. Would definitely recommend

Jordan Spence-Bell
Jordan Spence-Bell

I went into this shop for the first time & I Met Hasan the owner he is a very nice guy with fantastic customer Service. I highly recommend coming to this shop to fix phone repairs or buy phone cases. Love These Guys.

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