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Household Cleaning (Per Hour)

When you work long hours and have a full set of other responsibilities, wouldn't it be just lovely to come home and find everything clean and tidy? So why not hire a domestic cleaner. They can clean just one room in your home or even the whole property as frequently or infrequently as you require.

After Builders Cleaning Session

After you've had building work completed in or around the house, there's probably a lot of mess and dust left behind to be cleaned up. So why not hire a professional cleaner to come in and deal with it? Our after builders cleaning service will ensure all the waste leftover is removed from your property.

After Party Cleaning Session

Had a big birthday bash at your place and now you're wondering who is going to help you clean it all up? That's no biggy. Call in a local domestic cleaning professional and require an after party cleaning session. They will get rid of any mess left behind by your guests, leaving your home looking spotless once more. What's that? It's Halloween next weekend? Party at yours!

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Many estate agents require you to bring in professional cleaners to clean the property at the end of a tenancy agreement. Our dedicated team will give every room a thorough deep clean. This includes kitchen and bathroom appliances so that the property is fresh and ready for the next tenants.

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning Service

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, cooking, talking, eating, and so the space can become quite dirty, even if we don't realise it. Having your kitchen deep cleaned will get rid of any lingering food matter, dust and dirt leaving it spotless.

Regular Office Cleaning Service

Office spaces can easily become messy, especially during busy periods. With a regular office cleaning service, cleaning professionals will come to your workplace, usually in the early morning or in the evening after staff has left, to clean your office space and leave it looking brand new! They can visit as frequently or infrequently as your business requires.

Stone Floor Cleaning

We offer top quality stone floor cleaning, and our specialist service covers all types of stone floor cleaning for both domestic and commercial establishments, including marble, limestone, granite, black slate and tiles. We clean, seal and polish your stone floors, leaving them looking brand new and fully restored to their former glory. We will also get rid of scratches, flaking and any other blemishes that affect the surface.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

We deliver high quality carpet cleaning to both domestic and commerical establishments. What with shoes, spills and general wear and tear, it's normal that your carpets don't look as good as they used to. No matter the stain or the blemish, our top quality products and state of the art equipment will deep-cleanse your carpet, leaving it fluffy, clean and like brand new. We will bring your carpets back to life, making them appear as if they had just been fitted.

Marble Cleaning

This highly recommended marble cleaning service will quickly have your marble surfaces and floors in top condition once again. The marble cleaning service uses tried and tested products to reliably get marble looking its finest while minimising damage to the surface itself.

Deep Cleaning Service

Sometimes your home deserves a proper spring clean and the TLC it deserves. The cleaners will use top of the range products and spend time getting into all the nooks and crannies, leaving your pad sparkling and looking like new!

Garage Cleaning

Garages are naturally a source of toxins and chemicals thanks to the grease stains cars give off. If you want to clear the air and breathe properly in a clean and hygienic environment – we’ve got just the solution for you. We declutter and get rid of all your jumble and junk for you, before employing our professional cleaning equipment, leaving you with a spacious and clean garage.

Oven Cleaning - Double Oven

If your double oven is caked in dirt and burnt food residue, or specked with persistent grime and stubborn grit, chances are you are long overdue for a professional oven clean. We provide a full service and clean dirty extractors, hobs, glass panes, filters, cooking appliances and any other parts to leave it looking – and functioning – like brand new. Whether your oven is built into your kitchen unit, or freestanding, we have the tools to deal with and deliver.

Emergency Cleaning

Our emergency cleaning service will be dispatched promptly and effectively to the establishment, residence or office that you need cleaning as quickly as possible. Our cleaners rush to your assistance without the slightest delay, and can help with damage, repair, any other sort of cleanups you require, or just general cleaning. We understand that time is of essence in certain situations, and that's why our emergency cleaning service places the customer as first priority.


Ironing is that one chore that we all hate, so have you thought about letting someone else do it instead? A local ironing service will be able to collect your garments either from you or after being cleaned and iron them to perfection. Try this hassle-free service now!

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"Our team of experienced cleaning professionals bring you only the highest standard of commerical cleaning at very competitive rates. We are here to take care of our client's cleaning needs, no matter how large or small, and to complete every job thoroughly and efficiently. Our cleaners are carefully trained and vetted so rest assured your premises are in safe hands. Call us today to discuss your cleaning requirements or make a booking below. "

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