Eyelash Tint

Voluminous eyelashes make a big difference to your overall look. Eyelash tinting involves a therapist applying colour to your lashes to better define them. The colour will be chosen by you and the therapist to best match your hair colour and skin tone.

Eyelash Perm Treatment


Women's Hair Wash & Set


Cornrows are an ancient traditional African hair style, ever popular among people of all ages. With this type of plait, you get a low maintenance and easy to obtain hairstyle.

Kinky Twist

Pick & Drop Braids

Pick and drop braids are a nice alternative to the more popular cornrows that everyone seems to be wearing these days. They tend to work better on more naturally relaxed hair, but everyone can give it a go. This style allows you to part the hair in different ways, allowing you to have different daily hairstyles, and it takes much less time than the traditional braiding too!

Ghana Braid

Ghana braids, also known as banana braids, Cherokee cornrows, invisible cornrows or pencil braids, are an African style of hair braiding that has become very popular in afro-hairdressing in recent years. The style is extremely versatile and can be tailored to your personal preferences, whether you'd like lots of thin braids or thicker ones.

Single Plait

A simple but staple hairstyle, the single plait or braid is timeless and adaptable. Whatever the occasion, a hair stylist will work with you to make sure the plait is exactly as you want it, whether loose and casual or slick and tight. A very versatile hairstyle, we can adapt it to make it just how you like it, from french to fishtails! Get in touch today to chat through our options!

Hair Relaxing

Curly Waving

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