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Cornrows are an ancient traditional African hair style, ever popular among people of all ages. With this type of plait, you get a low maintenance and easy to obtain hairstyle.

£ 20.00

Tracks Per Track

Achieve the volume and length you desire with a tracking hair extension application. Hair tracks are rows of hair sewed into your own and can last up to 3 months. Trust a qualified hair technicians to provide you with long lasting volume and length and an all-round new look.

£ 10.00


Twists with extensions are a natural way to add length and volume to hair while creating a ready made, funky style. There are two ways the stylist can create twists with extensions, using a weave or with singular strands of hair, based on your existing style.

£ 50.00

Crochet Braid

Braids are a hairstyle that suit any face shape. They are easy to maintain and give an effortless edge to your hair. If you're wanting to try something new then get yourself to your nearest braiding stylist for your new look.

£ 40.00

Kinky Twist

A kinky twist is a great style for a range of hair types, including afro hair. Not only are the twists natural looking but they also protect your hair underneath. Extremely versatile, they can be styled in a variety of ways as well as creatively coloured. Let a professional stylist give you an edgy new look!

£ 40.00

Single Plait

Plaits are a great go-to hairstyle, requiring minimum effort and low maintenance throughout the day. Whether you're looking for an easy elegant wedding look or are off to a festival with your mates, a stylist will give you the style you want with a plait of any type.

£ 45.00


Braids and plaits of all types are fantastic go-to hair styles for everyday wear and special occasions. From French and fish tail plaits to Ghana braids, you tell the stylist your preferred look for the perfect salon finish.

£ 20.00

Weave With Closure

Lace closures are special hair units in which individual hair strands are attached to lace. The closure is sewn onto your hair making the weave invisible and very natural-looking.

£ 35.00

Ghana Weaving

This service offers both the application of stylish weave extensions, adding volume and length to your natural hair, and then bringing the hair collectively into Ghanain plaits or braids. This is a fashionable hair style, especially for people with Afro hair that can be very unmanageable. The stylist will work with you to ensure the plaits are to your taste.

£ 35.00


Thinking of getting an au naturel updo or length switch-ups? Based on your hair type, weaves might be the way to go. From sewing to bonding they can add volume to limp hair or add length to your natural hair. Have a dedicated stylists help you choose a style that suits you best.

£ 30.00

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