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Bicycle Repairs

Bicycle Wheel & Tyre Repairs

Whether you're building your bike from scratch or simply replacing a wheel, you'll want to be certain that it is fitted well. A bike fitting professional is on hand to help assemble your bike and fit the wheels properly, having the bike working reliably and safely in no time at all.

£ 8.00

Bicycle Assembly

Whether you have purchased your bicycle online and need assistance in putting together or you've bought the parts separately, a bicycle assembly expert is on hand to help. The service will provide you with a comprehensive bicycle assembly service that will ensure your bike is put together safely and securely.

Bicycle Full Service

Having a well maintained bicycle is essential to your safety and security whilst cycling, especially if you use your bicycle frequently. A full bicycle service will have a bike mechanic thoroughly check over the bicycle and its mechanisms, ensuring the wheels, brakes and suspention are all in good working order.

About Us

Whatever attention your bike needs, we’re here to give it. From wobbly wheels to gear troubles, our fully trained staff are on hand to help you with your bicycle related needs. We understand the importance of bicycle safety and therefore go the extra mile to keep all our customers safe on the road. Request a booking or get in touch now - our team will be happy to assist you with a range of bicycle repairs.

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