Phone Assembly

Mobile Phone Repairs

Is your phone freezing and crashing? Did you accidently drop it in water? No problem, let a local phone repair expert take a look and get to the root of the problem. They'll have it back up and running as soon as possible.

Phone Charging

Fight the dreaded 'low battery' notification with phone charging facilities and services to help your phone go the distance.

Phone Deoxidisation

Forgot your phone was in your pocket when you went for a swim? Dont worry. Expert technicians can deoxidise your phone i.e treat it with a liquid solution that will protect it from future damage. You'll get back your phone in great working condition and ready to go again.

Screen Repairs

Breaking or damaging your mobile phone screen can be costly.Nevermind, a team of highly experienced and trained technicians will get your phone back on track at the best possible price.

Unlocking Mobile Phone

We will unlock your mobile phone from your existing service provider, enabling you to use your mobile phone as you please for an affordable price. You can be free from spending on expensive contracts and go for any operator you choose or pay as you go. Our service is professional, fast and efficient. We´ll have your phone unlocked in no time.


Computer Screen Repairs

If your computer screen has seen better days, is scratched or cracked, our TV screen repair service is just the trick for you. The broken screen can be safely removed and a brand new screen installed.

Hard Disk Repair

Screen Repairs - Laptop

Laptop Battery Repair

Laptop Battery Replacement

Tablet Screen Repair

No matter the size and issue, our professional tablet screen repair service offers diagnoses, repairs, troubleshooting and solutions at affordable prices. From crack repairs to a full screen replacement, we´ll have your favourite gadget up and running in no time.

Unlocking iPad

Tablet Battery Repair

Apple Mac Support


Iphone Selling Service

Samsung Phone Selling Service

Nokia Phone Selling Service


Passport Photo

We take correctly sized photos suitable for passports, visas and UK driving licenses, and fully comply with all the regulations introduced by the government to meet application standards. We provide the best quality photos and guarantee speedy delivery within minutes.

ID Photo

T-Shirt Printing

Design your own custom t-shirt with our bespoke printing service. With a large selection of styles, fonts and designs to choose from, you can get your own quirky t-shirt guaranteed to make you dress to impress. They make for great gifts, fun novelties and personalised touches. Our printing services provide top-quality craftsmanship, and we are creative, professional designers. Get in touch today to get your unique t-shirt.

Mug Printing

Photo Enlargement

About Us

Welcome to Abrax Computers & Imaging, the best electronics repair company in the area. All our technicians aim to mend your devices, no matter the damage or level of repair required. From battery replacements to data recovery to water damage, we’re proud to call ourselves experts in our field, our professionals advocates of electronics protection. We believe in providing solutions that last, not just fast fixes that are limited. A big part of our repair services includes a diagnosis of the problem at hand. Whether or not you understand the main technical issue, our expert technicians do their best to determine and locate the problem, explaining in Layman’s terms exactly what it is we’ll need to do to carry out the necessary repairs. It might be something simple, like dropping your phone in water, or you might have damaged the charger port or the battery itself might need replacing. Whatever it is, our diagnosis services will help explain any issues or misunderstandings you may have. If you think your phone is past the point of return, just know that repairs aren’t your only solution. You could get an early upgrade or you might even want to swap in your phone for a current or alternative model. Just get in touch with one of our repair gurus today for a free quote and consultation - we can get you sorted in a few minutes! We also provide digital imaging services.

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