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Zahra Latif has been teaching for 12 years and is the Head of Biology, in charge of KS4 Science as well as whole school teaching and learning. She has been nominated and stood for the 'national teacher awards' for three consecutive years. More so, she has a solid reputation of turning grades around. Her GCSE and A level results consistently show outstanding levels of progress. With a number of her students applying to and attending Russell Group universities. She specialises in Science for 11-16 year olds with Biology in particular for A-level. What distinguishes her from the rest is her experience and ability to read her students and put together a tailor made programme for each individual. Whether it's enhancing confidence, identifying and building on strengths, ironing out weaknesses, or general exam practice she will provide an all round set of exercises that will help each student to excel. Testimonials The best tutor I could have asked for! Zahra helped me progress in so many ways, fundamentally increasing my biological knowledge but also helping me with my confidence and exam technique. I started of at the beginning of year 13 on a D grade and to be honest had no idea of where to start, what my strengths or weaknesses were. With Zahra's knowledge of the specification and experience of the various types of questioning she was able to help me assess and evaluate my own skill set. She provided all the resources I required, supported me throughout my exam period and was always free to answer any questions I had. I gained a strong B grade in the Biology A level and would recommend her to anyone who needs some structure in terms of their revision plan. Morea Turjaka, Camden School for Girls At present: University of Manchester, Bsc Neuroscience I started tuition with Zahra half way through year 10. My mock results were B and C grades in particularly with Physics. Zahra re taught the whole course from scratch but the focus was not just on understanding the concepts in Physics it was also applying the knowledge. She gave me multiple questions but each slightly different although on a specific topic like electricity for example. This made me understand the various angles examiners may take when asking questions. My confidence increased and with that I began to challenge myself further. My initial goal was to gain an A grade however I achieved an A*. A great tutor that makes learning fun, exciting and not a chore. Adam Singer, St Pauls School. Before I started tuition with Zahra, I always thought of myself as a rapid learner and imaginative but lacking direction and motivation, however once I started working with Zahra I was immediately impressed by her organisation and determination. Over the course of a year I observed that there are few people as meticulous and passionate when it comes to creating tailored plans that actually improve a students ability to study, retain and manipulate information and as a result attain a higher level of achievement. In short, through Zahra's tuition and support I was able to develop the necessary structured learning that I required in order for me to display a higher level of efficiency and to have the confidence to create and stick to a study plan. Shabazz Ghans: William Ellis, Camden Present: Brunel University: Computer science

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