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Electrical Contractor Services

Eletrical contractor services cover a range of tasks offered by professional electricians in residential, business, and industrial environments. From testing and inspection of wirings and electrics to installations and maintenance, just explain your requirements and let them do the rest.


Electrical rewiring essentially involves remapping the electrical routes in your home or commercial space and should only be carried out by qualified experts or electricians who provide reliable electrical services. No matter what your requirements are, call a professional today for a quote.

Electric Cookers

Love to bake or cook but don't know a thing about installing an electric cooker? Our highly skilled and experienced team can either install or repair your appliance. We know that cookers are expensive to replace which is why it is all the more annoying when things go wrong. We get your electric cooker back in working condition as soon as possible so that your household is back up and running without having to buy replacements.

Electric Heating

Electric Radiators

Electric Showers

Electrical showers are a very economical way of taking a wash, given that they generally use around a a third of the water of a bath. A qualified electrician skilled in their installation should wire up the appliance in line with laws governing electrical wiring in the UK. They can also fix your shower if it breaks.

Electric Stoves

Whether you are looking to install a new state of the art electric stove in your home or need your existing one fixing, a qualified and experienced electrician is on hand to help. They will quickly diagnose any problems and find a course of action to have your electric stove up and running in no time at all.

Emergency Lighting

We carry out emergency lighting installations as well as their maintenance on a schedule that suits our clients. Whether you need help with eletrical repair or house wiring, our competent and fully qualified emergency lighting engineers provide you with expert and reliable service.

Electrical Underfloor Heating

On those cold winter mornings wouldn't it just be a dream to have some heat beneath your toes? A qualified electrician can set you up with under floor heating and they can pop in should it ever need fixing.

Fault Finding

A range of things can cause electrical faults, from tripped circuits to a blown fuse. Whatever the cause, it can leave you in the dark, which is never ideal! A qualified electrician can efficiently trace the fault causing your lack of power and repair it as quickly as possible.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is good news for both the environment and your electricity bills. Professional electricians are on hand to install this type of lighting in your home in order to reduce both your carbon footprint and your spending. They can also carry out repairs should anything need fixing.

Fuseboard Installation & Repairs

Something gone wrong with your electrics? Is the fuseboard playing up causing other electrical problems around the house? It's time to call in a local, qualified electrician or electrical wiring expert to your home or office to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it quickly and reliably.

Smoke Alarm Installation & Repairs

Ensuring your smoke alarm is working properly is an important part of keeping your home or business safe. Whether you suspect there is something wrong with your existing alarm technology or you're looking to install a brand new one, an expert technician will soon get you up and running.

About Us

Welcome to Haler Electrical. Our team of highly qualified, licensed electricians are ready to help with any of your electrical needs. We specialise in residential and commercial properties in London area with safe and effective electrical solutions. With over 10 years of experience, we combine high-quality workmanship with impeccable customer care. We are able to provide our customers with a wide range of domestic and commercial electrical work.
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