Screen Repairs

Breaking or damaging your mobile phone screen can be costly.Nevermind, a team of highly experienced and trained technicians will get your phone back on track at the best possible price.

£ 25.00

Battery Replacement

This service involves extracting the old battery from your phone and replacing it with a new one. Exactly what may be needed if your battery life seems very short lived or if you are experiencing other technical issues with your phone to which it may be related.

Phone Deoxidisation

Forgot your phone was in your pocket when you went for a swim? Dont worry. Expert technicians can deoxidise your phone i.e treat it with a liquid solution that will protect it from future damage. You'll get back your phone in great working condition and ready to go again.

Phone Charger Repair

Unlocking Mobile Phone

We will unlock your mobile phone from your existing service provider, enabling you to use your mobile phone as you please for an affordable price. You can be free from spending on expensive contracts and go for any operator you choose or pay as you go. Our service is professional, fast and efficient. We´ll have your phone unlocked in no time.


Screen Repairs - Laptop

Laptop Battery Replacement

Program Installation

Computer 'Clean-Up' Service

Software Update


Iphone Selling Service

Samsung Phone Selling Service

Nokia Phone Selling Service

Iphone Buying Service

Samsung Phone Buying Service

Nokia Phone Buying Service

About Us

At AK Mobile Phones Ltd in the heart of the region, we focus customer service at the heart of our business. If your phone is broken or damaged in any way, our phone repairs technicians will offer their skilled advice, diagnoses and carry out professional repairs to the highest standards of the industry. Whatever the damage, from water exposure to cracked screens to busted charging ports, our phone repairs services can provide feasible resolutions for feasible prices. If you’re in a rush or need to be somewhere, you don’t have to wait about, waiting for your phone to be fixed! Simply let it off with instructions or any information you find significant, and we’ll take a look at your phone, supply an on-the-spot quote and diagnosis, then you can leave the rest to us. We’ll contact you once we’re done with the repairs. It’s a straightforward alternative to sending it off to the big companies and waiting weeks for a reply. If you’re not sure what the problem is with your phone, don’t worry, just bring it in to us and we’ll offer a diagnosis after a quick look. It might be just something simple, like a dead battery, particularly as we’re accustomed to charging the battery when it’s not wholly dead every day, which leads to wearing out the battery faster. For this, you’ll need a simple battery replacement, something we normally can do immediately if we have the proper parts. Otherwise, you might need a screen replacement if you’ve scratched or cracked the front screen. Whatever the matter, our skilled technicians can offer an on the spot diagnosis and free quote.

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