Iphone 6 Plus Screen

Breaking or damaging your mobile phone screen can be costly.Nevermind, a team of highly experienced and trained technicians will get your phone back on track at the best possible price.

£ 40.00

Iphone 7 Plus Screen

Cracked phone screen? Dead pixels? Touch screen lags or is unresponsive? A professional can fix your tactile screen issues, starting with an upfront diagnostic and an estimate of the repair cost. Your phone wil be back to normal in no time.

£ 70.00

Battery Repair

Phone Deoxidisation

Forgot your phone was in your pocket when you went for a swim? Dont worry. Expert technicians can deoxidise your phone i.e treat it with a liquid solution that will protect it from future damage. You'll get back your phone in great working condition and ready to go again.

Home Button Repair

For all the things you need to use your phone for these days, it's no surprise when the home button gives up. You can be assured trusty technicians know what they're doing to get your mobile device back in great working condition.

Loud Speaker Repair

Power Button Repair

Phone Jack Repair

Unlocking Mobile Phone

We will unlock your mobile phone from your existing service provider, enabling you to use your mobile phone as you please for an affordable price. You can be free from spending on expensive contracts and go for any operator you choose or pay as you go. Our service is professional, fast and efficient. We´ll have your phone unlocked in no time.


Computer Screen Repairs

If your computer screen has seen better days, is scratched or cracked, our TV screen repair service is just the trick for you. The broken screen can be safely removed and a brand new screen installed.

Screen Repairs - Laptop

Laptop Battery Repair

Virus Cleanup

If your PC or laptop keeps freezing, the server continuously crashes or your browser is choc-a-block with ads, your computer might have become infected with a virus. With our specialized virus removal service, we install an antivirus program, track and eliminate the malicious software, clean the computer and reformat everything to make it function as brand new. We are fast, reliable and efficient, and eliminate all traces of viruses or other malicious software, preventing future attacks.

Computer 'Clean-Up' Service

iPad Screen Repair

If your iPad screen has seen better days, is scratched or cracked, our TV screen repair service is just the trick for you. The broken screen can be safely removed and a brand new screen installed.

iPad Battery Replacement

Unlocking iPad


Iphone Selling Service

Samsung Phone Selling Service

Nokia Phone Selling Service

Windows Phone Selling Service




Money Transfer

About Us

All of our repair technicians are wholly skilled and have years of experience under their belts to diagnose and fix your electronics. Housed in the local area, we’re one of the best electronics repair services in the region. We pride ourselves on our tech-savvy diagnoses and aim to supply exceptional service, placing our customers’ needs at the heart of A&B Phones & Laptops. We pride ourselves on our straightforward and speedy repair service. Be that as it may, sometimes repairs might not be the only option you want to try out, and you might qualify for an upgrade or a trade in. Just get in touch with a member of our customer service support team and we’ll be happy to walk you through your options, offering a no-obligation, complimentary session. From screen replacements to laptop software installation to charging port replacement, our efficient technicians cover it all, for a decent price. We don’t just provide hasty mends that can relapse within a fortnight: we offer quality repairs that last longer than others, thanks to our technicians’ training and experience. Therefore, the quality of our repairs match our prices: you won’t find anyone else who ticks all the boxes like we do!

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