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If your nails are in need of a little TLC but you’re not a showy sort of girl, our classic manicure is just the trick for you. One of our qualified nail technicians will apply a cream to your hands, soak them in warm water then cut and shape your nails and trim your cuticles as requested. Once your manicure has been defined, a simple but classy colour of your choice will be added to your nails, and a top coat applied for long-lasting protection.

£ 12.00

French Manicure

£ 14.00

Spa Pedicure

£ 22.00

Manicure & Pedicure

£ 32.00

French Manicure & French Pedicure

£ 36.00

Polish Change (hands) - from

If you want a quick in-and-out-fix but want the professional look, opt for a polish change. We will change the colour on your nails quickly and professionally, offering in its place a new shade that goes with your outfit.

£ 7.00

Polish Change (feet) - from

£ 10.00


Shellac Manicure

More durable than regular nail polish, shellac is nail colour that goes the distance. A shellac manicure treatment starts with the nails being shaped, filed and cuticles tidied, followed by polish and topcoat application. This is topped off with an application of moisturiser and voila! Your new colour is ready to flaunt.

£ 25.00

Shellac Pedicure

£ 35.00

Take Off & New Shellac Manicure

£ 28.00

Take Off & New Shellac Pedicure

£ 38.00

Take Off Shellac

£ 7.00


Full Set Acrylic

Acrylic nail extensions are applied by qualified nail technicians and come in an array of colours. Applied like normal varnish or polish but without the chipping and peeling, they are a great option for those nail-biters among us.

£ 23.00

Full Set Gel

Gel nail extensions are applied by trained nail technicians and come in an array of colours. Applied like normal varnish or polish, the gel is set with a heat lamp and you're good to go! No chipping, no peeling, and they soak off in just 15 minutes, ready for a new set. What more could you ask for?

£ 28.00

Full Set Pink & White

£ 32.00

Full Set Toe Nail

£ 28.00

Overlay Acrylic

With beautiful nail extensions, you'll be wanting to make them last as long as possible. Acrylic nail overlays are where the technician applies a strengthening mixture directly to the natural nail, adding integrity and durability to the extension itself.

£ 23.00

Overlay Gel

£ 28.00

Fill - In (acrylic)

£ 16.00

Fill - In (gel)

£ 19.00

Fill - In Pink & White

£ 25.00

Fill - In Toe Nail

£ 20.00

Take Off Acrylic

£ 10.00

Take Off Gel

£ 10.00

Take Off & Full Set Acrylic

£ 28.00

Take Off & Full Set Gel

£ 33.00

Take Off & Full Set Pink & White

£ 35.00

Take Off & Manicure

£ 20.00

Single Nail or Nail Repair

A good manicure is a truly treat yourself moment, but it is also important for maintaining the health of your nails. The technician will trim your cuticles, file and shape your nails to how you like them and apply a moisterising cream after a fresh lick of polish.

£ 3.00


CND Vinylux Manicure

£ 14.00

CND Vinylux Pedicure

£ 24.00


Cut Down (shorter & shapes)

£ 4.00

Hand Design

£ 5.00

French Tip or Colour Tip

£ 3.00

Diamond (set of 10)

£ 3.00

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At American Nails - Professional Nail Care based in Putney, our team of professionals offer a complete range of nail treatments and services in welcoming yet modern surroundings. Whether you are looking for a totally new look or just fancy treating yourself, we will give you the attention and precision you deserve. Our team can offer you the highest calibre of professional advice for anything from that special occasion through to a spot of indulgence. Here's a list of our most in demand services: Take Off & New Shellac Pedicure French Manicure & French Pedicure Shellac Pedicure We're open 7 days a week for all your nail salon needs.

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