Dry Haircut

If you don't fancy going the whole hog and getting a wash, finish, and all the rest of it, a dry haircut is the way to go. You simply tell the stylist the look you prefer and they do the rest.

£ 11.00

Students' Haircut

This service is aimed at all those students who want to look their best at all times but need a slightly more student-friendly price. You'll be satisfied with an excellent haircut without having to break the bank.

£ 10.00

Children Haircut

Whether it's for a special occassion or for the first day of school, get your kids looking their best with haircut and finishing services offered to children below 13 years old.

£ 10.00

Men's Beard Trim

Fellas, if the time has come to finally tame your facial hair then book yourself in for a beard trim. A professional barber will ensure a razor sharp finish, giving you the look you want and providing some much needed care for your beard.

£ 6.00

Men's Wet Shave

There's nothing like a close shave to leave you feeling fresh. Sit back and relax in a barber's chair with a traditional wet shave carried out by an expert barber.

£ 15.00

About Us

We offer a wide range of treatments to help you feel and look your absolute best. We only use top quality products, recommended by specialists and our clients themselves. Our stylish and calm salon is aimed to make you feel luxurious and comforted, whilst we take care of your hair. Request a booking or contact us below, our team are happy to talk you through the variety of treatments available.

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