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Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons for Complete Beginners

Tailored to your own needs, our piano lessons are in a relaxed environment and designed to suit your own pace and capabilities. You will be learning the instrument using an easy to digest, step-by-step Classical method, which offers a very effective and gradual development of skills such as: - Appropriate body posture and relaxation techniques - Sight reading (playing from sheet music) - Music Theory and basics of Composition - Performing pieces with accuracy, expression and 'feeling' - Technical skills; through learning scales, chords, and arpeggios Please note, these lessons are specially designed for beginners who have no previous experience with the instrument and they are meant to provide a solid musical foundation! Once you have built a good background it will be much easier to choose your favourite musical direction - whether it's a classical, jazz or contemporary music. Questions? Please feel free to contact us today!

£ 25.00

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons - All Levels

Our singing lessons take place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and are tailored to the individual needs of each student. When working with beginners the main focus is put on building self-confidence whilst introducing an individual vocal exercise plan. What you will learn during our lessons: - Relaxation techniques consisting of various breathing exercises - How to keep a good posture, balance, and coordination - How to expand your vocal range and sing using different registers - Exercises for the tone, pitch, and strength of your voice - How to control the dynamics and expression Additionally, for those who would like to gain some experience in a recording environment, we can provide a studio facility and deliver a comprehensive vocal training.

£ 35.00

Music Production Lessons

Music Production Lessons - All Levels

SPECIAL OFFER AVAILABLE - £40.00 for 2 hours studio session. Learn how to PRODUCE, RECORD and MIX your music to a professional level in the comfort of a home studio. In a nutshell: • Set up your own personal studio • Learn Logic Pro X - from basics to a PRO level - Composition, Production, Beat-making, Recording and Mixing. • Learn how to use Software Plugins - take your sound to the next level with some of the best plug-ins on the music market • Production Tricks & Tips - Sound Design, FX and other advanced production techniques • Recording - Instruments / Vocals Learn the most efficient methods for home recording and get professional results! Questions? Please feel free to contact us today!

£ 25.00


Bespoke Music Production

Looking to produce your own song? Do you have a musical 'idea' or a 'rough demo' and would like to turn it into a professionally sounding track? Our many years of experience in the music industry and expertise in Composition, Recording and Sound Production has helped a large number of adult singers, songwriters and musicians achieve their music-making goals. We offer an affordable way of recording/producing and mixing your song in the comfort of a home studio. We will help you compose, arrange and produce your song and show its full potential by providing top quality sound of production. Whether it's just a demo, backing track or a professionally sounding piece of music - don't hesitate to get in touch!

£ 25.00

Recording Vocals - 'On a Budget'

Perhaps you are an artist working 'on a budget' looking for an affordable way to record your vocals? We can help you track professionally sounding vocals and acoustic instruments without breaking your bank! With a selection of condenser and dynamic microphones, top-class A/D converters and mic pre-amplifiers, but most of all, an EXTENSIVE experience in recording, we will capture the essence of your musical performance. Please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!

£ 25.00

Post-Production, Editing & Mixing

Post-Production of recorded audio includes; cleaning audio tracks, audio editing and whatever else needs doing to bring your project to a professional level. We mix music, edit speech, vocals and instruments, using the latest state-of-art technology. Please contact us to discuss any specific details!

About Us

Ealing Music Tuition offers a wide range of professional music services including: Piano, Singing and Music Production lessons as well as bespoke Music Production, Recording, Post-Production and Mixing. EMT was established in 2016 starting with an idea to help local musicians and music enthusiasts achieve their musical goals at an affordable price and in the comfort of a home studio. Since then we have been regularly teaching, composing, and producing music. We are very proud of our portfolio of satisfied clients - to see our Testimonials please scroll down! Chris - the founder of EMT, is a fully qualified musician, producer and music teacher who has been proactively working in the industry since 2009. His previous clients include BBC, West End, THE VOICE UK, Joe Wright (Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix) and various recording and rehearsal studios where he's worked for artists such as Sam Smith, The XX, Plan B and Rudimental to name just a few... His many years of industry experience as well as higher musical education have helped him gain an extensive knowledge in Music Theory, Composition and Record Production.

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