Personal Training

Personal Training Session

Has all the alcohol over a festive period caught up with you? Or maybe it's coming up to summer and your bod is not quite beach ready? A personal trainer will create a training plan catered to you in order for you to get the best results from your workouts. They will also guide and motivate you, fantastic for those of us with gymnophobia!

High Intensity Personal Training

Personal Training for Weight Loss

Whether you're looking to shift a couple of pounds to get beach-body ready or you have more major weight loss goals, personal training could well be the solution. With a personal trainer on hand you'll have no excuse to not reach the goals you set yourself. Using a range of techniques, including high intensity cardio training and resistance, they'll have you working hard to burn off stubborn fat and get you looking and feeling better than ever.

Running Personal Training

Strength & Conditioning Personal Training

Weightlifting Personal Training

Personal Training Package - Fitness

This highly recommended personal training fitness package will work with you to design and implement a programme that suits your lifestyle and exercise preferences. You'll be reaching your goals in no time! Sessions will be fun and friendly, and most importantly, tailored to your needs.

Personal Training Session (Gym)

Not all of us are gym bunnies, dreading the thought of our next gym session. A personal training session may be that motivation you need as not only will they create a workout tailored to your body and fitness goals but they'll also talk you through the exercises so you can get the most out of each repetition. Go on, there's no excuses now!


Low Impact Aerobics

Cardio Blast

Functional Body Burn

About Us

Working with our skilled and experienced personal trainers, start training your body and mind and finally start reaching for those fitness goals you've always dreamed of. Whether you want to lose a couple of pounds, finally get that summer six pack or simply want to get faster and stronger, our personal trainers are on hand to assist you with your personal health and fitness needs. Why put off feeling good? Request a booking or contact us now - our team of qualified PTs are happy to talk you through the services available.

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