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Grass Cutting

Lawns and other grassy areas require regular maintenance to stay looking in shape, but that means time and effort on your part. Forget about the added chore or mowing the lawn - a professional gardener near you offers grass cutting services to keep your garden neat and tidy.

Hedge Trimming/Cutting

Make a decorative statement to your outdoor space. Have our expert team provide you with hedge trimming services to enhance the curb appeal of your home.


Define your property line, add privacy or enhance the attractiveness of your home. Trained fence contractors can help you install the right fence that suits your property and style.

Pond Diger and cleaning

Hi can we help with building a pond we can help with the algae and cleaning pond .we can do pond less waterfalls and much depending on what you need.

Jet Washing Patio and Decking


Lawn Turfing

Transform your messy and worn out looking lawn with lush green healthy turf that is durable and low maintenance. A landscape gardener will help you create a beautiful lawn that will serve as a perfect backdrop for relaxation.

Decking Services

Decking makes for a wonderful addition to any garden. Providing a dual purpose of being ornamental and useful for entertaining friends and family. Have your new decking installed by professionals, ready for you to enjoy in no time.


Landscape Painting


Soft Landscaping Services

Regular Garden Maintenance

Your garden requires regular maintenance and TLC to stay in shape. If you simply don't have the time but still want it looking prim and proper, then why not hire a professional to come in and do the hard work for you. They will water and prune the plants, clear weeds, and mow the lawn, depending on your garden's features.

Garden Shed Installation

Are you an avid gardener looking to store your tools for safe keeping? Or simply looking to keep your outdoor furniture protected from the sun and rain? A team of professionals are on hand to advise you and install a garden shed to suit your requirements.

Garden Leveling

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to mow lumpy and uneven grass. This task gets even worse if there's submerged rubble too. Trust a highly skilled team of professionals to provide quality leveling services to make your lawn or garden the best it can be.

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Kris Gardening Services My name is Krzysztof Nowak (kris).I have been gardener science 2011. I first advertised in the Post Office in Farnham Common and I now have 25 regular customers.Please call to discuss.

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