PHONE REPAIRS - Phone Charging

Fight the dreaded 'low battery' notification with phone charging facilities and services to help your phone go the distance.

PHONE REPAIRS - Phone Deoxidisation

Forgot your phone was in your pocket when you went for a swim? Dont worry. Expert technicians can deoxidise your phone i.e treat it with a liquid solution that will protect it from future damage. You'll get back your phone in great working condition and ready to go again.

PHONE REPAIRS - Screen Repairs

Breaking or damaging your mobile phone screen can be costly.Nevermind, a team of highly experienced and trained technicians will get your phone back on track at the best possible price.

PHONE REPAIRS - Battery Repair

PHONE REPAIRS - Iphone Repair

Breaking or damaging your iPhone can put a dampener on things. Trust highly experienced and trained technicians to offer you instant repair and replacement service for all your iPhone needs.

PHONE REPAIRS - Unlocking Mobile Phone

We will unlock your mobile phone from your existing service provider, enabling you to use your mobile phone as you please for an affordable price. You can be free from spending on expensive contracts and go for any operator you choose or pay as you go. Our service is professional, fast and efficient. We´ll have your phone unlocked in no time.


COMPUTER & LAPTOP REPAIRS - Computer Screen Repairs

If your computer screen has seen better days, is scratched or cracked, our TV screen repair service is just the trick for you. The broken screen can be safely removed and a brand new screen installed.

COMPUTER & LAPTOP REPAIRS - Screen Repairs - Laptop

COMPUTER & LAPTOP REPAIRS - Laptop Battery Repair

COMPUTER & LAPTOP REPAIRS - iPad Battery Replacement

COMPUTER & LAPTOP REPAIRS - Tablet Battery Repair

COMPUTER & LAPTOP REPAIRS - Home Button Repair (Tablet)


WATCH REPAIRS - Watch Battery Replacement

WATCH REPAIRS - Watch Glass Replacement

WATCH REPAIRS - Expandable Watch Straps

About Us

Our team of qualified and skilled technicians are on hand to carry out a range of services and repairs on your electronics. We will be available to advise you on electrical solutions based on your given requirements and will proceed to provide you with an efficient and reliable service. Request a booking or contact us now - we will be happy to talk you through the variety of services available.


Amil Carsandas
Amil Carsandas

They give you the exact detail of what needs to be repaired and give you a cheap fee too, it was a great experience.

Aqib Majeed
Aqib Majeed

I bought many things from this shop. The shop owner is really nice person fast service.

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