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Deep Tissue Massage

If you can feel the tensions building up in your muscles through sport or through being on your feet all day, then a deep tissue massage will do just the trick. This service involves slow, deep strokes with extra pressure which allow the therapist to reach the deeper layers of muscle and the connective tissues between them. Bliss for overworked muscles!

Swedish Massage

A swedish massage is a classic service where our therapist uses a mixture of long, vigorous strokes with slow and gentle strokes depending on your specific needs on the day. The duration may vary but a longer massage means you'll feel better results. Either way, this swedish massage service will take you to cloud nine every time.

Head Massage

A head and scalp massage is total bliss. By increasing bloodlow to the scalp, this treamtment is sure to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, also promoting the general haelth of the scalp and head. The masseuse can go slow or fast, hard or soft, depending on your personal preferences.

Relaxation Massage

Our relaxation massage service is aimed at making you feel totally soothed. The relaxation massage is the perfect option for relieving tension, stimulating the circulation, and soothing tired muscles to bring the body back into a perfect state of balance.

About Us

We offer a range of massage services ensuring that you leave our salon feeling relaxed and invigorated. Our highly skilled technicians and masseuses are on hand to help you find the exact service you are looking for and get you the treatment you deserve. Our tranquil parlour means to help you feel at ease and comfortable while we work on those knots and tight spots! Request a booking or contact us now - our team will be happy to talk through the variety of treatments that we offer. We're open 7 days a week for all your massage salon needs. Click above to request a quote.

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