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At Amanda Hemingway Pilates, I am all about health and fitness, in fact I live and breathe it. You won’t find greater passion elsewhere. I offer dedicated classes to improve your physical and mental health and focus on improving self-motivation and discipline in your life. Come and join me in Winchester to relieve stress and take back control so you can start living again.

Chataranga your way to equilibrium

I work with a holistic approach, supporting individuals to take more proactive, personal responsibility for their lifestyle choices. For example, our everyday jobs can bring around a wide range of mental and physical health problems, including anxiety, depression, sleep problems, back pain, and more. I work to tackle these problems through my classes and aim to restore your happiness through exercise.

Best Pilates in Winchester

At Amanda Hemingway Pilates, I offer small group or 1-1 pilates classes led by an experienced, expert instructor. The nature of these small group classes in Winchester allows for specific coaching and attention throughout and I focus on calming the nervous system to ease physical and mental tension. Not sure where to start? Call 07951736031 and talk to me - I will be happy to help out.


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“There is no age limit!” There is no age limit to Pilates, and you don’t have to be super fit or in perfect shape to do it! I can’t recommend it – and Amanda - highly enough.

Dr Rosie Lusznat

I have been doing Pilates with Amanda for about a year or so and it has really helped me. I am a 47 year old Mum, pilates gives you a new way of thinking about your whole body, which in turn ...

Heidi H, 47


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