Men's Classic Haircut

A haircut doesn't need to be anything fancy. Let's face it, you want to be in and out of the barbers with a fresh and clean cut without the hassle! Schedule an appointment with the most dapper male grooming specialists to get the classic haircut you're after.

Traditional Wet Head Shave

If you want a real shaven look with no stubble or shadows, a traditional wet head shave is just the trick for you. This specialized grooming treatment combines a variety of treatments to give your head a smooth, hairless gleam. The moisture helps open pores and softens hair, making for a smooth and close shave.

Men's Skin Fade

Go for one of our cool, urban skin fade looks. It is achieved by cutting the hair shorter and shorter up towards the head for a tapered effect. It´s an excellent base haircut to jazz things up and makes for a very clean-cut style.

Men's Shave

There's nothing like a close shave to leave you feeling fresh. Sit back and relax in a barber's chair with a traditional shave carried out by an expert barber.

Luxury Shave & Head Massage

Go for one of our luxury shaves and head massages and leave our barbers feeling groomed and well cared for - forget nicks and cuts - with the use of our premium products and exceptional ingredients, we will lather your skin and leave your cheeks super smooth. Plus, our head massages relieve stress, sleepiness and anxiety, leaving you feeling relaxed and invigorated.

About Us

Here at Andy’s Barber Shop based in Woodford Green, our attentive professionals offer a complete range of hair treatments and services to the high standards that you expect. Whether you are looking for a totally new look or just fancy treating yourself, our years of combined expertise means you can be assured of your desired result. Our extensive range of services includes: Men's Classic Haircut Traditional Wet Head Shave Men's Skin Fade We're open 7 days a week for all your barber needs. Click above to request a quote.

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