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If you need someone to help you plan your finances or advise on the best investment vehicle for your hard-earned finances, then look no further. At EQMatics we can help with independent advice for Equity , Commodity, mutual Fund. investment management and business development. We are located in Bangalore. To find out more about how we can help you develop a sound financial strategy, contact us through our booking form today.

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Our business has been around for some years now, always acting under the mandate to tailor clients' financial situations through top-quality advisory services. Because of the positive advice we give our loyal clients, we have received glowing remarks and reviews from many of our current and former clients. We are confident that you will have a positive experience with us, too. Our entire team is made up of trained professionals committed to providing the best possible service for you.

Our Advisory Services

We are passionate and committed to providing you with high-quality services, such as your investment management, legacy planning, income tax preparation as well as estate planning. We possess the expertise and professionalism as well as the technical knowledge and licenses to conduct business with the public. We employ fully certified financial advisors who possess the necessary credentials, experience, and commitment to working on behalf of our clients.


STOCK CASH Our equity research & strategy team produces investment themes and insight focused on the various market issues i.e. economy, corporate action etc, which help us to pick a right stock out of 1300 stock listed in NSE. We have analyst and strategist for each and every sector to provide clients with rigorous, well thought out and innovative research & strategy. Our Stock Cash services are specially designed for stock cash traders who trade in NSE and BSE. Stock Laxmi Financial Services provides recommendations with HIGH accuracy which creates profits for our clients. STOCK FUTURE Intraday Calls on Stock Futures. These Stock Futures Tips are the result of core research and analysis of our technical team and help you to grab a profit. Stock Futures Tips are given by analysts who work only on this service and are best at it. Our call via SMS will reach to you as soon as the analysts send so there is no time lag between you reading it and working on the call.Our research is known for its accuracy and time with intraday recommendation for investors. We make every effort to refine the balance between risk and return to generate steady growth in bottom line results. Stock futures segment is known for its volatility in order to materialize it, our economists, strategists and analysts timely inform you about the various data of economy, company and their impact on the intraday trading. NIFTY FUTURE We provide NIFTY Trading Tips during market hours, depending upon Market Conditions & expected movement from Global Market Indices are the pulse of economy and financial market. Our team of analyst and strategist provide local and global market insights on the key industry themes and issues driving the overall financial market. Our research team covers key macro sectors and equity strategy, special situations and quantitative research which help us to track indices. Due to expertise in analysis of multiple facets of market we are deliver consistency in our performance. BTST / STBT BTST-STBT service is for the trader who wants to trade with gap up and gap down opening of market. Our understanding of futures market volatility and risk makes you "proper entry and proper exit" in the market, which enable you to make profitable trade.


Bullion Metals Bullions & Energy are most favorite of all traders around the world but also so much risk involve in bullion trading. We have made trading in Commodity easier for you. Whether you are an experienced investor, a seasoned investor or just a beginner, you can invest independently and grow your money with our strong research based advice. In this service we offer research in bullion as well as energy to intraday trader through our in-depth intraday technical calls round the clock. Base Metals This package is designed for the traders who are risk averse and want to trade in commodities which are less volatile. We provide you best base metal calls by keeping an eye on Economic events & activities, global markets and Co-relate the Indian Markets with it. Our core trading philosophy leverages the inefficiency of commodity market, by relying on sound technical and fundamental research. Based on the trader profile we devise trading strategies. Our research team is in constant touch with the client by providing news updates and market information and assistance them during the market hours. MCX Combo MCX Combo is the most preferable Commodity service of Bullmatics Financial Services. This package is the combination of Bullion, Energy and Base Metals. This is the best package for the traders who trade regular in all of commodities. With our global knowledge base, we provide expert advice on commodities. Our unique mixture of analytical skills related to commodities, extensive experience in the actual physical and financial commodities markets, and understanding of the financial aspects of commodities markets allow us to provide deep and comprehensive analyses. NCDEX Agri NCDEX Agri package is the most reliable package of BullMatics Financial Service. Under this service we provide recommendations in Agro Products like Chana, Soybean, Jeera, Turmeric, Dhaniya, RMSEED, Soya Oil etc. We use technical analysis and Fundamental Techniques to analyse the agro commodities and provide the calls. The recommendations are given after the research so that our accuracy level remains high and our clients make huge profits. In Indian commodity market the agro commodities are very much influenced by the weather cycles. Along with the Local factors there are some global factors also which causes fluctuation in the agro commodities in the market. All such factors are very important while generating agro commodities tips. Our research team keeps close eye on all such factors so that all these factors can be discounted at the time of giving recommendations.


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After roaming 50-60 advisory finally there is one stop solution for all my difficulty in capital market

Jai Pal Singh


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