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Best Blacksmith in Jasdan

You may think a blacksmith more suited for the early 20th century, but that simply isn’t the case. Jay Ambe Fabrication, based in Jasdan, offer contemporary blacksmith services mixing a range of traditional techniques with modern economical solutions. Our qualified blacksmiths work with iron and steel to forge traditional items like shoes for race horses as well as more domestic items like artisan picture frames and decorative pieces perfect for gardens. Give us a call today on +919723399801 to discuss your project.

Birthday Presents and Christmas Gifts

A traditional blacksmith can be the perfect place to turn when looking to purchase a unique birthday or Christmas gift for your partner or family member. Our blacksmiths are experienced in building an exceptional range of artisan garden furniture such as chairs, tables and unique decorative items. If you’re looking to create that personal touch for your partner we’d be happy to work with you to make something memorable. You'll want to be sure to allow for enough lead time for these kinds of projects, however – it takes a little longer than ordering a cheeky gift online.

Quality Services

Our experienced blacksmiths and farriers are capable of creating an exceptional range of high-quality and long-lasting products. From horseshoes and custom knife work to garden furniture, our traditional skill is something we can certainly translate into the modern world. Sure, it might make you think of swords and suits of armour, but rest assured: the blacksmith trade is alive and well in the modern world.


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