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Best Herbal medicine Supply Company in india

Based in Jodhpur, our Herbal medical supply company stocks all your medical gear and over the counter medicines that you require in your time of need. From simple items like Herbal products more specialist products like cough medicines and Natural items, at Laxmika Herbal we offer a wide selection of productions suitable for treating an extensive range of illnesses and conditions. I will provided High margin in herbal products Simply give us a call on +917737040733 or pay us a visit.

Trained Medical Staff

When visiting our company you can always guarantee that our staff will be on-hand to help you as best as they can. All our staff have a certain level of medical training, so they are qualified to give professional advice on some of your more treatable conditions. Rest assured that you can discuss your health in confidence and one of our store assistants will be able to advise you on the best product to help you get better or sooth your condition. Or maybe you just need a hand locating an unusual product – we can help you find those, too.

Range of Products and Brands

Our medical supplies store stocks an essential range of over the counter medicines and remedies as well as walking aids, incontinence underpads and items that are essential for home safety. Our products are certified and manufactured by household names and some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies so you can be sure that you will always find the remedy that works for you with the utmost trust in our staff and products.

Our company needs a Business Partner in India

Our company has the need for a business partner in India as follows: Tehsil level 30000 District level 50000 State level 700000 The only store distributor at all levels and CNF will be Monopoly Company with the most profitable companies with 100% HERBAL, along with W.H.O GMP HACCP CERTIFIED PRODUCTS in Herbal Products in India.

Company's Vision and Mission

Company Chairman Mr. Narpat Vaishnav has established Laxmika Herbal on 3 March 2019 under the hypothesis of 100% herbal products in every sphere of India, which aims to promote the entire community and the world towards the advanced lifestyles, as well as our goal 100% herbal products are available to all people in India at reasonable prices. Company Chairman has 10 years knowledge of Ayurveda and marketing. We have a small partnership to make India healthy and capable


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