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LifeStyle Gallery Online & Physical entity Showcases Art | FineArts 🎭 Introduction 🅰️ Selling Original Art ( FineArts ) 🅱️ Professional Digital Assets and High Quality Prints Of Same Art Works On Canvas & Archival AcidFree Paper ©️Self Copyrighted ®️ ™️* Stock Photos 🆎 Buy Soft Copy Of Digital Assets In Tiff Of Jpeg File format to Print Or Publish (Copyright Credits Reserved ) Pay Online 💰 by PayPAL ❗️ We upload Image by Email Or Use “We Transfer” 🔴 Our Product & Services Include Knowhow 🔸Experience Learning Art & Basic Photography. 🔸 We are Authenticator’s 🔸Art Club intl Group.🔸 Guided Tours 🔸 Auction > Sales 🔸 Consultation Conceptualisation 🔸 Website Design 🔸Imports and Exports Of Goods Service and Much more We are Registered ®️ Under Govt Of Indian Art & Photographic Industry. By Trade Name ™️* LifeStyleGallery Our Original Product Carry GTIN Barcoded : Inventory Numbers International Shipping Partner Standard : DHL Aramex FedEx


0️⃣1️⃣ SketchPad 2013 my debut solo art show at AP State Gallery Of Art - Hyderabad India in 2013 SketchPad II was In Mumbai 0️⃣2️⃣ SketchPad II 2018 Artival - World Trade Center Mumbai India 0️⃣3️⃣ SketchPad III 2019 ChitraKala Parishad Bengaluru 0️⃣4️⃣ SketchPad IV 2019 Online Virtual Art Showing Online @ LifeStyle Gallery Opening 15 August ~ 30 Days Physical Show @ LifeStyleGallery Navi Mumbai Private Preview Press Guests & Buyers 🅰️ Charcoal Keywords #stopburninglungs #Carbon #Noir #Nostalgia Burnt Tar from Lungs as 69%Noir Charcoal Virtual & Physical Art exhibition 🅱️ Crayons #spectrum Keywords #Butterfly’sinbelly #glamour&beauty # 🆎 Canvas Showing through Online Window The Lifestyle Gallery Why ? Online Oops 😬 facts & figures Where are the 💰investors ? Art Isn’t selling much in india from 2008 Premium Gallery’s are booked for 5 ~ 15 yrs Online reaches to viewers worldwide 24X7 How the pricing are self evaluated ? effected lungs from smoking cigarette is the toll base price of Art works; these pricing are not just adding fancy figures in my bank account through PayPal or not for bread and Butter ! 🔂 A 50% Of funds go to > non profitable organisations ~ and to Aid Mission #StopBurningLungs 🚭 No Smoking 🚫 and scholarships #children-education

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About Artist

Artist Mr Vaidikar although is versatile in all medium Oil & Arylic | Pencil & Charcoal + ink On Paper Or Canvas His Core skill breaking the colour code to single medium manifests compliments his artistic signature style and comfort zone 🔴 Bio draft Born 1956, early 60’s I was given A Box Camera ( today I’m in 60’s) 120mm format of 6X9 with twin view finders on it for orientations my day throw some ilford films to shoot with, and Paterson developing tank and few trays to process my films and print contact sheet prints on bromide paper Turning my images to reality, my Favorite subject to shoot was my mother Either i tokk pictures of her or i paint with watercolour on handmade paper I replaced my dads presence in our Photo Studio during lunch hours I had my hands on the worlds best equipments of the photo industry like Linhof Kalart Leica Omega + The Large format Wooden cameras, My Dad was an expert In press journalism snd classic family studio portrature I was damn good in my Mid Schooling education in drawing and painting i came out with flying colours i stood 1st a first class student in FineArt Diploma Kala Prathama & Kala Nipuna My father’s footsteps and his guidelines A Gift from him The Photographic Bible “The Gevaert Manual” Which was a limited edition on Photographic science. This transformed me from a FineArt guy to a learned Self learnt Tech Qualified Youth in my entire neighbourhood By 70’s I was a transformed into a fineart student & A photographer. With formal education bit of technical know how I was a self learn Fineartphotograher Mylife from monochrome became CMYK & RGB in 1974 I setup my indipendent daylight studio founder ie; Chirayu Photo Arts in Kalburgi Karnataka India Then life took its toll i had to leave all the glory behind and look for anew ventures It was hard for me to work for somebody I lacked in perdformnce to give my best I had many failure than good, this way ihad to explore going to Qatar Doha, Riyadh Jeddah Taif Oman Muscat and finally Dubai. I represented Many brands like Leica Rollieflex Pentax etc, I learnt a lot a little touch of Arabic foreign language I was back to my home country in 1999 And Came to Bombay which was a charm I served Hasselblad & NIKON on a national Level traveling many places and knowing many people and Indian cultures With my experience I had an opportunity to join India’s Only Auction House of Old Masters Art works, I was a Sr, Vice President and enjoyed recreating the treasure of India Art Digitizing real to an Digital image it’s post production documentation metadata storage retrieving an HR image hard disk backup networks all the science of today’s challenging technology Today in 2017. ChirayuStudio74 goes Online WorldWide : www.instagram.com/ashokvaidikar My base thought instigated on long holiday in Durban South Africa 🇿🇦 Setting My Own Group came to reality In 2018, March Today we have Digital Assets Online International FineArts Photography Group Digital Awards Archive Digital Assets B&W Digital Assets RGB DA winners Club + Magazine Digital Assets Talent Award Digital Aseets 🌎 ICONS I enjoy rewarding Awards everyday to the Deserving Authors & I have a wonderful wonderful Worldwide network in support to my dreams come true It’s a record achievement of 10000 (10K) Members in with 43.1 K engagements

The Art Gallery

LIFESTYLE GALLERY Art + Digital Assets ®️( Registered ) ©️ Copyrighted 2002 - 2019 ™️* Ashok Vaidikar DOB 1956 Artist & Photographer 1974 All Products Are For Sale with Inventory & Barcode FREEHAND DRAWINGS And PAINTINGS REPRODUCTION Original ART WORKS | Digital Prints FINEARTS & COMMERCIAL Design & Photography Digital Assets ( Images ) Tiff High Resolutions & Jpeg Low Resolutions Created by Artist Ashok Vaidikar | Author Are FREEHAND DRAWING PAINTINGS Versatile in Actylic & Oil Medium Core Skill Pencil & Charcoal + Ink On Paper High Archival Quality; Material used are Like Acid Free Hand Made & Ivory long-lasting Art Paper •• During Creation of Original and Print Reporoduction Inks Colour and Pencils and Fixatives uses in creating Art Works Are from Highest Artists Quality Eg; Faber Castell Creta Colour Apsara, Rotaring & India Archival Ink, Windsor Newton Carlin Artists Quality. Born Assets are creations From Leica NIKON Canon Oldest Art Works are From the year 1987 Or Older than 1974 Yet remain collection on the wall if Fame. A few Works Are from 1993 | Prints available New works are creativity of year 2010 - 2018 LifeStyle Gallery is A Official window for buyers Products available through Virtual & Physical Business Center At Mumbai India Pin Code 410218 Nr New Internation Airport location. And from Overseas In Tx USA & Durban South Africa Lifestyle on Amazon is Also an Official Store of Mr Vaidikar under ®️ LifeStyle Gallery No Warranty & Gaurentee* is Offered on Original Art works on Handmades Cavas or Machine produced digital prints of Art works or from Digital Assets Quality Control : Assured personal handling care is applied in making or made to order or Arcival Works; ASHOK VAIDIKAR Artist & Photographer inherited since 1945; From a Traditional Family of Finearts Folks Portraiture Wildlife Reproduction Photography + Design Drawings & Painting Conceptual Art LifeStyle Gallery : 1201 Platinum Aura 12th Floor Sector 20, Plot 27. LandMark Police HQ. Taloja Cross Nr New International Airport, City Navi Mumbai Pin Code 410218 Republic of India; Contact +91 9324 99 55 99 💌 INBOX : LifeStyleGallery1201@gmail.Com

Buy ~ Or ReOrder Sold Art Woks

I Can recreate ; A Masterpiece Once Again In 1 weeks Time Or | Order Your Digital Prints On Canvas | Or Paper > Ship it Free Works-wide ~ Or Buy A Soft Image And Print it yourself ~ cut the Cost & Hassles; Affordable too

Acrylic On Canvas

Although The Core Skill : Is Drawing > I do paintings too

Experience Learning

School of Photography Or Freehand Drawing We don’t teach you Or > give you notes ; We just talk like a friend but we never let you down even after you are done ☑️ 14 Hours Of Learning; You Are Free to visit back again on Appointment... ▪️ Sketching is a type of drawing that is done completely freehand. It is often a technique used to create initial representations of final drawings or designs. In some cases, however, artists will create final pieces, just by sketching A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work. Sketches can be made in any drawing medium. The term is most often applied to graphic work executed in a dry medium such as silverpoint, graphite, pencil, charcoal or pastel. But it may also apply to drawings executed in pen and ink, ballpoint pen, water colour and oil paint. Acrylic paint lends itself well to mixed media applications, which further broadens the possibilities of painting with acrylics. The most popular surfaces for painting with acrylics are canvas, wood, or paper. Acrylics can be used in many different ways to create many different styles of art. See examples of different types of acrylic paintings. On this site | Genre ▪️ Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad. Salvador Dali



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