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Foremost Holistic Medicine Practitioner in Indore

At MLM Product, we know that modern medicine is important. However, we also know that people can be too quick to request prescriptions to cure what ails us, when they may be equally or better served by holistic medicine. As well as providing much needed rest and relaxation time, an appointment with a holistic medicine practitioner can also include insights into treatments you may be curious about like acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic treatments or osteopathy. We're based in Indore, and you can arrange for an appointment on None.

Holistic Licensing

In the UK, holistic medical practitioners are regulated in the same way as conventional medicine and must be registered with general councils, so when you make an appointment you can be confident that you are seeing a registered professional. If you're curious about alternative ways to treat things like chronic back pain or other ailments, you may want to consider holistic treatments.

Our Holistic Medicine Team

We believe that there is a place for both modern medicine and holistic treatments when it comes to what's really important – make sure that you are fully able to be your best self, day in and day out. Once you make an appointment with us, we'll discuss what we do with you directly, so if you have any questions or concerns, we can address them with you.


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