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gallery/lifecoachlogo_small Call ABOUT ME gallery/portrait1 Hi i am Gurpreet Singh. I am an Achology Certified Life coach, Certified in counselling skills, Author, Guided Meditation Practitioner , NLP Practitioner , REBT practitioner , Healthy living coach , Certified in Nutrition Fundamentals and a spiritual seeker. Achology - The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology (UK) is an online Accredited Certification body for Training in Hollistic Healing. Through Study & Experience I have developed a lot of one to one workshops, presentations, and special programs, which have been hugely successful and have touched the lives of lot of my clients. I can Help you Choose the right career, Resolve Marital Issues , Improve Relationships, Be emotionally independent, Overcome negativity , Boost Confidence , Lose Weight , Give up old Habbits, Be Stress Free , Be Productive , Be Happy and grow Professionally and Personally. I will be using a combination of Self empowerment techniques which I have learnt over time to achieve the above goals. If you want to know what is Life Coaching Click Here If you were Looking for Psychological Counsellor , Psychologist , Career counselling, Marriage Counselling, Depression Counselling, Personal & Emotional counselling in Navi Mumbai and instead landed on this page then you may instead Try the services of Life Coach Gurpreet Singh in Kharghar Navi Mumbai, Clients visit from Nerul, Panvel , Kamothe, Vashi, Thane , Belapur and all around Mumbai. If your issues are just budding and you need a helping hand resolve Life Issues a Life coach can Help you. But if you have serious mental health illnesss , disorders or clinical depression then you should visit a Mental health professional such as a psychaitraist or a clinical psychologist. To Read Full Disclaimer Click Here . Alternatively if You need help in sorting your life with respect to career, stress, relationships,emotions,overall health, motivation , confidence building, then continue to read below :) I am an experienced and powerful presenter, delivering inspiring messages of motivation, happiness, love, respect, determination and success to the people who attend my one to one sessions. I have helped many people, young and old turbo-charge their lives, establish great relationships, find their purpose and discover the joys of a successful life. I believe that people can (and should) live a happy life by learning basic emotional skills to manage their feelings and actions and to take charge of their life and that parents and teachers are very important agents in this process. Emotional intelligence is the key to success in life and all other aspects of life are just side effects of our ability to recognize and manage our feelings. gallery/portrait2 I believe that our internal world is reflected by the world around us. This means that we must first become who we want to be and the results will follow. We also believe that other people are key to our success and happiness in life. This means that if we learn to give others what they want, through strong relationships, they will give us what we want. In fact, they will go out of their way to make us successful and happy. My life coaching program is holistic and long-term focused. I work with you to build your emotional intelligence and then teach you how to sustain and even enhance the positive changes in yourself and your environment. In a sense, you become your own life coach. This combination ensures your change and growth long after the life coaching is over. The essence of philosophy is that a man should so live that his happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things. So if you are looking for a Life Empowerment Coach , Counsellor , Career counsellor , Happiness consultant , Weight loss consultant in Navi Mumbai , Thane or areas like Kharghar , Nerul , Vashi , Panvel , Sanpada , Kamothe and are ready to bring a change in your life ,get direction and be Happy then Click Here For life coaching FAQs Click Here For Benefits Click Here To immediately book a LIfe Changing session Click Here To go to CDs/ Books / Resources Click Here gallery/stress_free gallery/cer gallery/ofyc To view Certifications Soft Copy Click Here gallery/careers gallery/emotions gallery/marriage fights gallery/divorce gallery/porteait4 gallery/booklaunch Some Keywords: counselling in kharghar,counselling in panvel,counselling in kamothe,counselling in seawoods,counselling in nerul,counselling in vashi,counselling in navi mumbai,counselling in thane,counselling in belapur,counsellor near me,counsellor in kharghar,counsellor in panvel,counsellor in kamothe,counsellor in 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With such ease did the counsellor get out things from me. Effortlessly helped me identify my own issues and blockages. Never thought that counselling helps bit I am proved wrong. Thanks 5 stars from ...

Nancy Johnes

Visited the centre for relationship and intimate issues and was guided by mr Singh in the most elegant way possible . Thanks couldn't be more easier than this. Makes you feel utmost comfortable.

Bhawana Maurya

Very helpful

MaNiSh RajPut


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