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Pure cow service in Vrindavan

The Pure Cow Service team, located in Vrindavan, UP, India is a small team working at a grassroots level. We are a team of five working to help abandoned cows, monkeys and other animals in needs. The temperatures in this region of India reach extremes, either very cold or intense heat, and these particular animals are left out on the streets without shelter and food. With the growing commercialization in Vrindavan, grasslands are stripped down to accommodate hotels and other buildings. The animals are left without fresh grass and water and instead are forced to feed on plastic and garbage that is thrown on the streets by the tourists and inhabitants of Vrindavan. Our team vision is to feed these animals first, keep them away from plastics and garbage, and create a nice home for them. Vrindavan was formerly a town of fine pastures and grasslands but sadly this is no longer the case. We are dedicated to save and serve the lives of these animals, for they have given us so much. They do not deserve to endure cruelty and deserve at least fresh grass and water. The Pure Cow Service Team are proud to be growing and this is a sign that people do care, be it in India or abroad. We are looking to expand membership and our objectives remain of taking care of our animal population. Please view our photos, we go out everyday to certain areas of Vrindavan where cows and monkeys gather to find food in the piles of garbage. We redirect them to a safe area where we pour fresh grass and water. If you are interested in joining our team, please email ...... or + call...... +91 9718300791, ± 41763054748 anupkrsna108@gmail.com, anandini.didi@gmail.com Thank you for your support.

Animal care you can trust

As well as caring for and fostering our animals until they are adopted, we are also happy to provide support and guidance if you are having any troubles with your pet. This is to keep all pets in their forever homes and out of the shelter system. We see all of you, our visitors and potential adopters, as our partners. If you are interested in adoption, we are happy to advise how to properly look after your chosen new friend.

Welcoming all creatures great and small

We opened our shelter after it became apparent that there were many stray and abandoned animals living in the local area. We aim to rescue as many homeless, sick and injured animals as possible. When we take animals into our care, we give them a thorough check-up and provide essential veterinary care if needed. We ensure that all our animals are healthy and have been well looked after by our staff before they can be offered for adoption to a new home.


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The service of taking care of stray hungry cows is truly great. Go Mata is precious to a Sanatanist. It is very rare to have individuals who dedicate time and effort selflessly to care for Go mata

Minnie Maharaj

Nice seva just saw your video it's was so good.

Ipta Mathura

Cows are most dearest to Lord Krishna taking care of cows gives us divine experience cows are our National treasure so please take care of them



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