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Shuvadip Ganguli is a twenty-four years old student of Physics, an NTSE scholar, author of science related books and a YouTuber. He lives at Bankura, West Bengal in India with his parents. He has a B.Sc. degree in Physics from the University of Burdwan and a M.Sc. degree in Physics from Vidyasagar University. He also writes for science magazines in India. Shuvadip always explains the wonders of science in a simple way through his writings. ‘PHYSICS My love’ is his debut book and his latest release, ‘The Invisible Creation’ is the second book. You can visit his website and YouTube channel ‘PHYSICSworld Database

Entertaining Original Content

I’m always trying to improve my content by making it more fun for you to watch and, hopefully, continue to get something of value out of it. My channel wouldn’t exist without my viewers, so I balance staying true to my wonderful community with experimenting with (hopefully) better production values, editing techniques, and delivery systems. If there’s anything I could be doing better with my videos, please don’t hesitate to give me suggestions!

Community Appreciation

There’s nothing quite like talking to people who have watched my videos – even the trolls. Any time someone takes the time to send me a meaningful message or gives me feedback on my videos, it really makes me feel like I’m making an impact across the world. In addition to creating my own videos and content, I’m always looking to help other people out with their own stuff, and I also really like sharing other influencers’ work with my subscribers and fans.


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