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Best Dairy Products Store in Gobichettipalayam

Can’t bear to live without some cow’s milk for your tea or coffee? Stop by Sks Milk Products, purveyor of high-quality dairy products in the Gobichettipalayam area. We stock a range of essential dairy products and work closely with our own farm whenever possible to provide you with the freshest dairy products around. If you’d like to know more about us, just give us a ring: 7010036868

Our Commitments

At Sks Milk Products we believe the happiest animals make for the tastiest foods, and we’re committed to sourcing all of our dairy products from the best-treated animals you can find. Anything else would be providing you with less than the best possible kinds of milk,more, and yoghurts,paneer.That simply wouldn’t do.


  • Good for children
  • Parking available
  • Bike parking available
  • Cash only
Spoken LanguagesEnglish, Tamil

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Fresh Milk Products

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