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Whether you have an active lifestyle or find yourself tied to a desk, there are many things that can affect your muscular and skeletal health. The idea of visiting a chiropractor may seem daunting, but our friendly and knowledgeable team in the local area are here to help. At Spine Care Clinic, professionalism is guaranteed. At first, we'll give you a consultation where we can talk through your issues and carry out an assessment. From there, we'll work with you to develop a programme of treatment that works for you. Contact us today through our booking form

Specialised treatment

Chiropractors spend many years studying muscular and skeletal health in order to offer a range of treatments. Our services can help with back pain, leg pain, restless legs, joint pain, muscular issues, swelling and stiffness. Whether it's a one-off appointment or a series of regular visits, our expert approach means you'll see the same practitioner every time, and we'll always do our best to explain how, and why, your treatment can help.

Hands-on therapy and advice

If you're a regular traveller you'll know only too well how long flights, cramped train journeys or extended periods of driving can affect your body. Our expert team have worked with travellers from all over the world to alleviate symptoms of the long haul lifestyle, and can offer tips and techniques to make travelling easier on your body. In addition to hands-on therapies we'll offer exercises and advice to help you live your busy life pain-free.


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