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1GMUSIC Group is an up and coming record label founded by LA Johnson. 1GMUSIC GROUP means 1 Genre All Music. It will focus on all music from hip hop to rock.

First Artist: LA JOHNSON

LA Johnson AKA Trigga 1 is a American Southern Hip Hop Artist who was born, Larry Jermaine Johnson in Shreveport, Louisiana on July 15. He was raised up in the heart of Queensboro in a single family home where he soon became a victim of the rough neighborhood. He was the oldest of 5. Fatherless and constantly trying to find that father figure he ended up following the streets and at age 13 found him caught up in the juvenile system. Although he was incarcerated and felt like the world was against him he began to do some soul searching and found out he was good with words and had a passion for rhyming. He started writing and eventually doing a talent show in the juvenile detention center in Shreveport. The feedback from his peers was astounding and they wanted more so he started writing more….He was released back into society as a new person and he finally new what he wanted to do with his life or be…A Rapper… Trigga 1 ran into a childhood friend, Corey who heard he was making some noise in the underground freestyle market and he new this guy that was putting together a group eventually called the Boo Ridaz. In the fall of 2002 they dropped their album Boolenium that did very well. Due to a number of reasons the group parted ways but still maintained friendship. LA JOHNSON is a solo artist now and has been working on his artistry and has performed in Dallas Texas, Detroit Michigan, California and in Ohio. He formed his own label 1GMUSIC Group and his first solo project will be out this winter.


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