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Ain't Sht Gonna Grow Farms was founded in April of 2016. My husband and I moved out to the Okanogan mountains in Washington State. The day after we moved our new neighbor, a grouchy old man, came over to tell us "Ain't shit ever going to grow up here. Everything we plant dies. " Well a few years later and we have founded a family, a homestead, and a very bountiful garden. We want to share our bounty with your homestead! We offer garden seeds of many varieties, farm tough cutlery, and honest buisiness values.

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Facebook.com/aintshtgonnagrowfarms Join us on our journey of homesteading, gardening and living our dream even on the nightmare days. It's the place for our most up to date inventory list as well.

Why Avon?

I started Avon because it was $25 and I 💘 their Skin So Soft, Bug Guard, and their shoes. As a representative I get 40% off alot of their merchandise which makes it affordable for my family. Also selling a few things here and there helps me save up for home improvements. If you would like to shop or become a representative yourself visit youravon.com/lswinson

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