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Primarily, lost revenue and continued patient care is lost through outside referrals of allergy testing to specialized allergy clinics.

Due to the significant changes in requirements within the allergy treatment landscape, we are able to not only meet those requirements, but also provide specialized testing to medical practices throughout the country.

We recognize your need to optimize revenue, while at the same time, provide the most efficient and comprehensive level of care to your patients. Our ability to customize patient testing programs will support you with both of these goals.

We provide a fully integrated allergy testing process system to primary care providers that allows them to stop outsourcing and referring patients to external allergy specialists


Allergies can take years to treat which in turn mean patients will continue to visit the practice.

Testing for allergies are clinically performed using skin prick scratch tests (Aeroallergens, including Trees, Grasses, Weeds, Molds and Environmental extracts).

An increase in revenue which is typically paid within a 30-45 days by the majority of insurance carriers. Increase revenues by maintaining more patient care and treatments within the practice.

It’s our guarantee to you that we will provide all the necessary training, infrastructure and services to provide a fully integrated allergy testing and treatment program for all your existing patients that you would normally have referred to a specialty allergy clinic.

Thus, allowing you to maintain the continued patient relationship and gain the lost revenue.


Frequently Asked Questions from Doctors:

1 - I’m not an allergist. Can my practice provide this allergy service?

Most primary care or family health practices can provide and bill for this service. We provide the services to your clinic, while you or your physicians oversee total patient care.

2 - Is this service reimbursed through insurance?

Yes. Allergy testing and immunotherapy is an FDA recognized treatment with established results. Most insurance providers reimburse for these services.

3 - How long does the test take?

A simple skin test that includes most common airborne allergens and a food test that can be customized to the doctors and patients request. The results are ready in 15 - 20 minutes.

4 - Why should I incorporate this into my practice?

What’s “out there” is not working. Patients suffer in silence without knowing there is an alternative. Patients prefer their family doctor over-see their total care.

Diagnosing and treating airborne allergies in your clinic is within your scope of practice. This presents a huge patient care opportunity in addition to a financial opportunity..


We are professionals highly trained and dedicated to your patients. We take pride in our services and only offer the best. Our service includes allergy testing from start to finish.

American Allergy Services provides the opportunity for continued in-office patient care and significant additional revenue for your practice by treating patients in your office instead of you referring them to an Allergy Specialist.

Due to significant changes in the requirements within the allergy testing landscape, we are able to provide something unique and beneficial to any medical practice nationwide.

Our allergy technicians are highly trained, certified, qualified and assessed as clinically competent by the only licensed and qualified allergy instructor in the country.

Our comprehensive allergy technician training course was created around protocols which ensure that our techs will be able to conduct the whole allergy testing process with your existing patient database, within your facility safely and competently.

Consistent treatment within your practice is important to your patients well-being well-being. Our highly trained staff will verify insurance coverage, patient scheduling and all follow-up treatments independently without increasing the workload of your staff.

Our staff will provide a thoroughly extensive patient education program designed to put your patients at ease with their full treatment, schedule and expectations.

Your office will be assigned a fully trained, clinically competent allergy technician who will be under the direct supervision of our trained Supervisors.


David Jones is the Clinical Services Director. His Numerous years of allergy expertise provide the infrastructure to implement the only civilian allergy training program of its kind.

David spent eight years active duty in the US Army was chosen to complete the Allergy Technician Specialty course, the only Allergy & Immunology Specialty School in the World. After successfully completing the course, David was an integral part of the allergy clinic process.

He was promoted to SGT within 4 years of active duty service and was offered the chance to return to Walter Reed as an Allergy and Immunology Instructor were for the remaining four years of his service, he received many plaudits as one of the top allergy instructors in the country.

David has recently been recommended and accepted as an Allied Health Member of the AAAAI and has received numerous accolades regarding his proprietary civilian allergy training program that is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the country.


When you come to us with a possible allergy concern, we’ll arrange an initial consultation with one of our therapists to discuss your symptoms and decide on the best course of action. We typically perform a swift test to start, usually a simple procedure that involves topical application of the allergen to the skin. If the results are not conclusive, it may require additional testing, but you can rest assured our experts will guide you throughout the whole process


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Great guy,he is very polite and trustworthy,he can put his hand to most things with skill and if he’s not sure about doing some will inform you, find out how to do it properly or someone who ...

Paul Gilpin

Great guy, polite, professional and knows what he is doing! Highly recommend! A+++

Babara Burchell

Utter professional, competitive pricing, great communication throughout. Will 100% be using him again (and recommending to friends)

Alastair Bartlett


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